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Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, PrivatAir is a leading international business aviation group. PT, ICAO PTI, callsign PRIVATAIR. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to give you everything you need to know about PrivatAir. The PrivatAir Group is a Swiss airline that operates business jets and is headquartered at Geneva Airport in Meyrin.

Private Air/Lufthansa

For those interested in cabins and greater value for money than pilots' briefs, this is a great choice for you. Quite a recording of cabins from the on-board servic! A great display of the PrivatAir in-flight range of products, which was very interesting. It was the most exciting thing for me to see the approaches and landing as well as the view over the grand piano.

Altogether, it makes me want to go on private air travel sometime.

Privatatair - Air travel forum

On November 20 I was looking for a place to sit down from EWR to ZRH in my classroom with a plane back on November 23. Privatair's Swiss Intl on a Boeing 737-800 is the only available one. Personally, I would appreciate any first-hand experiences on this trip, especially in terms of convenience, IFE and charter.

Twice on a Privatair plane for Lufthansa I flew from PNQ to Frankfurt and wasn't very intrigued - no IFE (portable disc player with discs available on call - can't eat/drink and sit in at the same time), old seat in busiess class and instant stripped-down services.

There are other possibilities on Swiss Intl (2 departures, both on an A330) and AA (which I generally avoid) on a 767 from JFK, but I would only take a JFK departure if the Privatair departure is not advised by EEA.


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