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Information about the Bel-Air company, opening hours, availability and further information. Read or write a review about the Bel-Air in Kilmarnock AYRSHIRE. Get in touch with Bel-air Taxis on Messenger. If you are looking for Belair Taxis in Kilmarnock you have come to the right place. Belair has the address, phone number and ratings for Belair taxis.

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In Kilmarnock AYRSHIRE you can either browse or post a Bel-Air reviews. Detail about the company: "Bel-Air " (category Taxis), this enterprise with seat in Kilmarnock Ayrshire Great Britain, telephone number: 1 563 550 810. Postcode: At Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, 33 Rankin Court. Please ask for operating hours under 1 563 550 810.

The Bel-Air office is in Kilmarnock (Scotland). Taxi & private rental categories of this firm. The standard industrial classification (sic code) of this company:

Cab from Glasgow to Kilmarnock - Kilmarnock Forum

By public transport; Cheapest; McGill's bus #757 to Paisley, then take #51 to Barrhead, probably about 3, then take the Kilmarnock line for 5:10=£8:10 per people! Shuttle #500 Airport to Glasgow Central, 7:50, then take trains to Kilmarnock at 6:50 = 14 pounds per each! Taxis! 2x 6-seater taxi from Terminal Rank around 45-50 per cabin directly to your Kilmarnock location!

Thus the most inexpensive thing you can do is 90, with 2 busses and a train, and most likely the best part of 90mn! Itinerary directly via taxis for about the same amount, maybe a tenner more, in about 40min! l don't think you'd get a 12-14 seat minibus for less than £100!

Notice that you may have to await two 6-seater taxis at GLA for a while, but you'll get one or two!

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