Lear Jet Charter Price

Learn Jet Charter Price

Class 25 Learjet - private aircraft, jet charter, jet charter The well-known twin-engine lightweight commercial jet is the follow-up to the Learjet 24 and was launched in 1967 by Learjet, a Bombardier affiliate. Hire a personal jet and experience the power and power of the Lear 25, which can cruise in 43,000 ft at over 500 mph. Enhanced version, the Learjet 25B and 25C, were launched in 1970. In 1976, the Learjet 25D followed, offering greater cruising ranges, and the 25G surpassed its predecessor in long-range speeds. On Lear 25, you can fly on your own schedule and arrive at tens of millions of remote chartered aircraft, giving you better flight connections than you would with business aircraft.

The Learjet has been highly acclaimed by individuals, VIP companies, jet charter companies and civil and defence transportation companies since its introduction. Lear 25 offers space for 2 pilot and can carry up to 6 people. The Lear 25 is 9 ft wide, making it a convenient choice for your charter.

Learjet 75C has an option sleep area. If you charter a privately owned jet, the Learjet 25 is a deluxe yet effective option for your itinerary. A Learjet charter provides convenience and luxuries similar to what you would find in a well-equipped sedan and is the most economic option for traveling in the medium to long term.

Two General Electric CJ610-8A turbines, each delivering 2,950 lbs of propulsion at ocean height, power the Lear 25D. No matter if your charter is for company or leisure - your Lear 25 jet charter keeps you and your fellow passengers away from crowded airport and long safety loops and gets you to your destinations quickly and without delay.

Further specification of the Lear 25D are: The Learjet 25 and all the latest and most secure charter planes available today. Our aim is to make sure that your Learjet charter for your free time or your company runs smooth and efficient. Each of our chartered privately-owned jets must undergo a rigorous security inspection by the Aircraft Research Group of the United States (ARG/US) and WYVERN, aerospace professionals.

Additionally, our worldwide charter partner for personal jetliners must comply with the strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 Flight Operations, Flight Service and License requirements. 24/7 we are there for you to organise your Learjet charter on Lear 25 or one of the hundred corporate jetways.

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