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Please click here to see our last minute trips from Explore, the adventure travel experts. So many things to do in Costa Rica that you can make a last-minute trip and still have the time of your life. Last-minute trips with Explore! Explore the huge, varied African Continent. Browse fragrant Medinas, travel across expansive gold plateaus in quest of the Big Five, and explore clan culture.

And Asia has an exhilarating blend of different customs, religion, cuisine as well as architectural styles. Europe's diversity is unsurpassed, from the wind-whipped coastline of the Atlantica to the huge forest of daiga in the eastern part, from the Arctic Ocean to the sun-drenched Mediterranean Sea.

Mideast is an exhilarating blend of inviting folk, old places, breathtaking landscape and exquisite cuisine. It is home to vibrant towns, abundant culture and inspirational national parks. Coming from the US cannyons and wastelands to the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the animal kingdom of Alaska, North America's charm is difficult to withstand.

Polarexpeditions are among the most impressive trips you will ever undertake. Select from the Arctic, home to ice bears and walruses, or the tall Antarctic ice mountains and Antarctic pinguin rockeries.

There are seven last-minute excursions to workdays that you can book now.

Our Labor Day week-end packs and activities give you the opportunity to spend the last week-end of the season in a stylish way. Coronado Bay in Coronado, California. has an Escape from LA bundle that's perfect for the long week-end. Accommodation, a US$50 loan and a return journey in a Tesla car between Los Angeles and Coronado Bay are all included in the price.

Visitors can enjoy their weekends in a sailing boat in the cove, kayak in the resorts own yacht harbour or just relax on the beaches. Booking starts at $399 a nights. Travellers are accommodated in the Pavilion Hotel, directly opposite the shore, and the packages include transport between the Isle and Long beach, breakfasts, an evenings welcome of wines and cheeses in the inner yard of the building, the use of Beachcruiser bikes to get around, an eco-tour with cable car and entrance to the new Catalina Aerial Adventure, a range of sophisticated cable cars and cable cars.

Booking starts from $545 per person per day for two persons. When you are looking for an outing to Labour Day that the whole NPH community - even kids who may not be back in college - can savour, consider visiting the Mid-Atlantic. At Hershey, Pa., Hershey Lodge and The Hotel Hershey have a Labour Day pack that provides free breakfasts for a four-person familiy and free entry to Hersheypark theme for those under 17.

Parcels begin at $458 a nights for a four-person household. Rosewood Bermuda's Retreat to Romance Pack is perfect for those wishing to spend a beachside week-end and offers three nights in a recently refurbished seaside town. Offers include flight transfer, breakfasts, couple massages, a personal seafood meal and an evenings turn down with roses and champagne.

Parcels begin at $546 per person per day for two. a pure adult real estate located three hours by car from Denver, hosts a Caribbean working day-week-end. Eden Roc's Cap Cana Dominican Republic Cheef Fraschini, Eden Roc's gourmet restaurant and Mark Banthorpe, the Calabash Resort Grenada resort chats, will prepare several menus with typical local dishes over the weekends, sometimes with a Rocky Mountain touch, such as barbecued Jacqueline Fire Pan with Hoodcap, lemon and orange.

Parcels begin at $1,400 per capita per day and per day and contain all food and drink, a sample of drums and every day a cigar. There are also extra attractions such as horse back rides, walking tours and classes. Adventures on the Gorge, an adventurous seaside retreat near Fayetteville, W.Va. on the edge of New River Gorge, has a peculiarity on Labor Day where travellers get two of the same things when they buy one.

White water canoeing, for example, is $149 for two instead of one for one, and zipper fodder is $99 for two instead of one for one. From $15 per overnight for campgrounds to $1,150 per overnight for more luxury cottages, the spa offers a wide range of accommodation. Travellers looking for inner regeneration should visit YO1 Luxury Nature Cure, a 1,310-hectare spa in Catskills city of Monticello, N.Y., where each visitor receives a tailor-made spa programme combining natural healing, Ayurveda and Yogic.

Accommodation will include counseling with a staff of Ayurveda practicioners, teachers and physical therapists, all lunches and courses, and everyday spas. Booking starts at $900 per capita per night:

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