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We will send you price promotions and give you tips on how to find the best flight offers. 5 top inexpensive (and easy!) ways to get to Europe with miles and points.

Find the latest deals in our deals section. Europe's wealth of historical heritage, stunning architectural design and world-famous food have put it at the top of most travellers' list. For people in the USA, reward travel to Europe is more possible than ever thanks to the strength of mileage and points.

Occasionally you will get a better offer (and more available reward seats) if you book single tickets with different carriers. You can also combine and play because you don't have enough points in a round the clock ticket programme. We show you 5 easy and affordable ways to travel with mileage and points to Europe, whether you are travelling alone or want to take the whole of your whole hostal with you.

With United Airlines mileage, I prefer to take my awards trips to Europe - for many different purposes! Most importantly, United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, which has the most frequent daytime services between the U.S. and Europe. An increase in the number of trips per diem means more reward places and an easy search for a trip that suits your needs.

United Airlines has such a varied air transportation system within the U.S. continent that United Airlines mileage is a good choice for people who do not reside near large airport locations. You can choose many airlines, for example, if you are planning to travel from New York City to Europe. It' s simple for United Airlines to find these tickets on its own website and even combines travel comfortably that includes United Airlines and one of United Airlines Star Alliance partner travel (for longer distance travel).

With United Airlines, the following rewards are calculated for travel to Europe on your own aircraft: Please note: A uniquely (and frustrating!) feature of the United Airlines Reward History is that you earn more Business Class and First Class air mileage when flying with one of United Airlines Star Alliance partner airlines.

For a one-way ticket, if the transit is operated on your trip with one of United Airlines' business associates, you will be charged the following: Redemption of United Airlines mileage for a Star Alliance Business or First Class travel associate ticket involves more mileage and is less cost-effective. Ultimately, 110,000 United Airlines mileage per First Class trip is almost four times the fare for an airfare on a bus!

An additional advantage of using United Airlines mileage is that they do not levy additional charges for rewards travel. You can even book a free one-way ticket within Europe (pay tax and dues only) with United Airlines Excursionist Perk. You can find the complete overview of United Airlines in our Ultimate Guide to United Airlines Membership.

Because United Airlines is a Chase Ultimate Rewards member, it is simple to collect United Airlines mileage using it: you can collect your United Airlines mileage using it: you can collect your United Airlines mileage using it: you can collect your United Airlines mileage using it: Or, you can collect mileage directly with maps such as the United Explorer Card. As with United Airlines, Air Canada Aeroplan is another great way to spend your airtime over the Atlantic.

Canada is also part of the Star Alliance, as are most of the same airlines as United. A major advantage of Air Canada Aeroplan is that you are a member of American Express Membership Rewards. While Aeroplan has similar pricing to United Airlines, Air Canada divides Europe into two areas.

That means you will be paying slightly more mileage if you want to travel to Eastern Europe (Europe 2) in comparison to Western Europe (Europe 1). Find out what Air Canada Aeroplan calculates for premium travel to Europe from the United States: continental: For Business Class and First Class travel, you earn less Air Canada airline mileage than you do for United Airlines mileage!

Remember, however, that Air Canada Aeroplan charges additional fees for its own reward travel and travel with certain partner airlines. It is always best to do the mathematics and see what you save in mileage compared to what you could be paying in surcharge. In order to reduce your risk of additional charges, try to stay with Brussels Airlines, SAS, Singapore Airlines, SWISS, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines when you book reward travel with airline mileage.

They do NOT charge high rates of tax and charges, so you can get reward travel for as little cash as possible! Air Canada Aeroplan mileage awards can be booked quickly and easily at, although you will need to open a free Air Canada Aeroplan mileage credit card in order to find one.

More information about using your airline mileage ( or transferring American Express Membership Rewards to Aeroplan) and the special features of Aeroplan's regional definition can be found in our Ultimate Guide to Air Canada Airoplan mileage. Remember also that Air Canada allows aeroplane stops on premium ticket flights, so if you want to travel to more than one European destination, these are a good number.

Learn more about Air Canada Aeroplan's routeing policy here. Air Canada had initially intended to part with Aeroplan in 2020 and launch its own awards programme. However, now they have made an offer to buy Aeroplan instead. Keep up to date, but in the meantime we suggest that you do not transfer points to Aeroplan unless there is a certain premium you would like to use.

Since Air Canada Aeroplan is an AMEX Membership Rewards member you should consider these card options if you want to collect more miles: They can also assign Marriott points to Air Canada Aeroplan. Mileage on American Airlines can also be invaluable for reward travel to and from Europe.

With several major hubs across the US continent, American Airways offers tens of non-stop flights to Europe every day for people living in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, New York, Charlotte and Philadelphia. As part of the on-eworld airline network, American has few partners flying across the Atlantic.

And if you want to travel with American Airlines affiliates, you can select between British Airways, Finnair and Iberia. You will try to stay away from British Airways as they levy large tax and charges (sometimes up to ~$500 per person) even if you travel by bus! American Airlines' American Airlines Europe Reward Partners' premium travel to Europe is easily displayed on and their on-line website is simple to use.

In fact, you can see available awards, tax and charges without signing into your AAdvantage bankroll. Most of the year, American Airlines or one of its one World Alliance members will charge you the following for air awards to Europe: At certain periods of the year, American Airlines also offer low prices, so that premium travel to Europe is one of the lowest!

Reward trips outside rush hours are only available on the bus from 10 January to 14 March and from 1 November to 14 December. And if you can schedule your trip to Europe within these times, reward trips with only 22,500 American Airlines mileage per trip on the bus are even less expensive. Detailed instructions on how to use American Airlines mileage for booking reward trips to Europe can be found in our American Airlines Mileage Usage Guidelines.

he quickest way to collect American Airlines mileage is with these cards: Please note: If you are a Citi AAdvantage Platinum or Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red card holder, you will receive 10% of your American Airlines earned mileage back as a discount, making reward travel even less expensive! Keep in mind that you can only collect a total of 10,000 AAdvantage points each year.

As American Airlines is also a Marriott (Starwood) member, you can also consider the above named Marriott and Marwood tickets. While I do NOT advise booking Atlantic rewards on British Airways due to high mark-ups on petrol, redemption of British Airways Avios points can be particularly useful for travel with other airlines.

People on the East Coast or those who find non-stop reward travel from their home airport can make great economies by using British Airways Avios points for reward travel to Europe. British-airways is also part of the on-eworld coalition (just like American Airlines), so you'll have the same flight possibilities for transit Atlantic services (American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia).

British Airways also works with Aer Lingus, which offers several daily non-stop services from US capitals to Ireland. On Aer Lingus routes, tax and charges are not nearly as high as on British Airways routes. Aer Lingus can be flown from the following towns to Ireland (Dublin or Shannon) for only 13,000 British Airways Avios points per trip on the bus:

The search for non-stop destinations is important when booking a British Airways Avios point trip, as the number of mileage needed is not only dependent on the reward area. Instead, British Airways uses a distance-based reward table to calculate how many Avios points are needed for a particular route. Although it can be difficult, you will also find great offers!

A prize-winning bus ride from a town on the east coast (such as New York, Washington, DC or Philadelphia) to London can for example be only 13,000 British Airways Avios points, but you also owe ~$180 in tax and charges (on British Airways flights). It is an optional if you have fewer mileage and are willing to spend some money.

And the good news is that British Airways has opened many awards slots and has a broader flightnet. If you are less agile with appointments or goals, British Airways can be a good choice if you are willing to pay some cash for tax and charges. Please note: Although British Airways offers many Business Class and First Class awards, most people prefer to stay away from them, as tax and charges often exceed $500 per passenger!

British Airways Avios points can be earned directly with the British Airways Visa Signature Certificat®. Here is our evaluation of the Chase British Airways map. Since British Airways is a Chase Ultimate Rewards, AMEX Membership Rewards and Starswood (soon to be Marriott) affiliate, you can consider any of the tickets that collect these points if you want more British Airways Avios points.

Delta is the last of the US "Big 3" carriers for Europe, alongside United Airways and American Airways. Unfortunately Delta does not provide a default reward table, so it is difficult to know exactly how many mileage you will need for your holiday in Europe unless you are looking for certain data. Delta, on the other side, has tonnes of inland services that give passengers easy connection to connections before crossing the lake.

Many people find Delta the most dependable and convenient US carrier, so you may choose to travel to Europe with Delta or one of its associates! Part of the SkyTeam Alliance, Delta has a number of carriers flying between Europe and the United States, including Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and others.

However, to look for reward travel with your Delta mileage, you need to check out - because Delta does not tell you in advance how many mileage you will need. Usually Delta will bill you more nautical miles just to travel with one of its own aircraft rather than with one of its mates.

However, with Delta's 5-week awards quest, you can get a good picture of how much reward travel normally costs. As an example, a fast lookup on shows me that the best value single bus ride between the USA and Europe is 32,500 Delta-mile plus ~$6 taxes.

For Business Class, the lowest reward flight I've found costs 75,000 delta-mile plus ~$6 taxes. We do NOT allow you to spend your First Class points on your own aircraft, and we do not provide First Class points on any of our own aircraft. For First Class travel, it is better to use American Airlines mileage or Air Canada Aeroplan mileage as described above.

More information on how to reserve Delta mile awards can be found in this article on how to reserve Delta mile awards. They can quickly get many delta-mileage directly with maps like : Remember that Delta is also an AMEX Membership Rewards and Starswood (soon to be Marriott) Rewards affiliate.

You can increase your Delta credit by signing up for the AMEX membership rewards, Starwood and Marriott tickets already referred to. When you want to go to popular places like Europe, it is useful to have several choices. For people who want to make savings, these 5 ways to book are among the best for low -cost and comfortable reward trips to Europe, especially if you need to link from a smaller town to a large US global destination before you cross the lake.

Remember, however, that interest on bus tickets to Europe has fallen sharply in recent years, so maybe you should begin your research on Google to see if redemption of mileage and points is a good value. When you want to travel in Business Class or First Class, premium travel is almost always cheaper than payment in cash. However, if you want to travel in Business Class or First Class, you can also pay in advance.

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