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The ten best and worst planes and airlines to flying What would be the hardest plane ever? Which is the best airliner in the game? Which are the best commercially operated aircrafts? We' ve asked the frequently flown airliner and Cockpit Confidential writer, Patrick Smith, for more insights into what he regards as the best and poorest aircrafts and carriers that fly today.

We' ve learnt that Asiatic carriers seem to have the best reputation, while US carriers have the poorest reputation. These are Smith's decisions and his views on airplanes. For example, Delta Air Lines has the best in-flight maintenance system in the whole sector. Simultaneously, carriers such as Qatar, Emirates, et al. may be overvalued.

First two voyages and four stages on 777, A380 and A350s. Everything in the carrier's acclaimed Businessclass - also rated "Best in the World" by Skytrax in a special distinction. "So that was the best cab in the whole wide open sky, on the best air company in the whole wide open sky.

Think Qatar is possibly one of those vehicles that have established an identity to probably be the best instead of actually being it. It may be a case of a call that precedes you - something we often see in the airline-business. Upon close inspection, I have examined what all (including Smith) say about the above mentioned companies.

It is the most important Hong Kong carrier and many folks say that the meal is great. Boeing 777, 747 and Airbus A330 and 340 wide-body aircraft are operated by the carrier. Aeroplanes are very silent and personnel are very alert to passenger. There is also a great deal of diversity in terms of amusement, as most departures are global and therefore have to meet a range of different cultures.

At the same time, most are complaining that there is not enough to eat or drink to satisfy long distance travellers on long distance journeys. Mr Smith said that the checks on her on-board entertainments are disappointing and that mealtimes are not according to a scheduled timetable in full SWISS Classic. As Patrick himself said, he was quite frustrated when he took a plane to Qatar in busier class even though he heard so many good things about the carrier.

Quatar is flying a series of widebody aircraft from Airbus and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. You have ordered 13 Airbus A380 for the years to come. It seems with Singapore Airlines that the kind of aircraft in which humans are flying is what generates the most complaint among passengers. Older model have not enough legroom and the amusement on board is missing.

They were the first carrier to use the double-decker Airbus A380. Fully-fledged suite, first-class, commercial and economical. She even wrote a cookery book about her delicacies and more about the airplanes. Headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E., the carrier is known for its avionics. It was one of the first carriers to offer passenger amusement.

You have the most channel (between 600 and 1000) to select from than any actual carrier. Her latest aircraft have connections to recharge electronic equipment, dock for iPods and Wi-Fi during the ride, which range from $2.75 for an iPhone to $7.50 for use on a notebook. It has 211 aircraft, the biggest aircraft worldwide, with more A380 50s and more Boeing 777s than any other carrier.

Faithful clients demand only the best from this enterprise and are hardly ever dissapointed. Emirates gives your First and Businessclass pilots (as well as Skyward Gold members) direct entry to 32 lounge facilities in 28 major towns and cities. Thanks to Emirates, your First and Middleweight pilots have easy and convenient travel time. The A380's First Class Suite even has two shower rooms and a spare room.

The First and Business classes have also access to an lavish area. I' ve been going with them since I was 18, and I haven't been looking back. You do not have first-class quality, because the notion is that everyone should enjoy their trip. Jet Blue's one feature that attracts many passengers is that it employs tens of former policemen as cabin steward.

The company has only one model of large airliner - the Airbus 320, and soon they will launch Blue Mint, with a new Airbus A321 with reclining bed flatbeds. You will also be flying the Embraer 190, a Brazilian-made 100 seater commercial airliner, on short haul flights. The DirecTV and free food like crisps and walnuts are available to all travellers (with TV screens for every seat.) The center of the plane provides a little more leg room, but I didn't notice that very well.

Initially Jet Blue flew to only a few large US destinations, but has since extended to Caribbean, Mexico and South America. It' s been a while since I got on a plane, however, and it seems that last year faithful clients saw a drop in the Jet Blue ride.

Maybe because of inflammation, many travellers have voiced their discontent with the lower food content and some of the airplane conveniences have been interrupted on occasion (chair narrow and TV). Once, I think I was flying with Americans and it was the only truly ironic one that I ever made in my Iife.

Our personnel found it somewhat impolite and eager to rush out of the plane. You served a food that is the only occasion I have ever had a free food on a plane, but I wouldn't say it was the rescuing mercy of the plane. Mr Smith balanced his views on the Delta 2014 aircraft which still include some of the oldest aircraft in the skies, the MD 80', which they left behind when they fused with Northwest a few years ago.

There are no televisions, tight seating and what many consider to be the least comforting flying experiences in the skies. However, he had a great deal to say about the Airbus A380. Irrespective of what Delta has recently said, they would never consider the A380 because they believe that the two jet engines, like the 777, are more dependable than the four-engine A380 mega.

There is no US carrier flying this large aircraft, and it is unlikely to be changed in the near future. It'?s the biggest airliner that?s even a double-decker! "It'?s a catastrophically nasty plane from the outside, but from the inside it'?s convenient. Says his blogs he could order a drink from the airplane lounge on a B.C. plane.

It is not a completely closed suites like you would find in first grade, but the chairs are placed deep in the cabin. Smith Entertainment photographer the A380 commerce journey as the Vegas of air travel. "It' s a different kind of airplane than any other one, it felt more spacious and you can run around during a long flight," he said.

An interesting fact - it needs almost half the propellant in the big plane just to take off because it is so difficult. It is also part of the Airbus A380 aeroplane range, is smaller than the A380 and provides similar benefits. They are the Delta working horse airplanes made in the 80s.

You will find that these aircraft fly regularly domestically through the USA, and the Delta Bosse are proud of how inexpensive they are because they are already getting paid. What's more, they're also proud of how much they're paying. There are no new rental contracts required, and even with relatively low consumption, the carrier still flies them without a TV, hardly any legroom and a robust flight crews used to fly the dog from the canopy.

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