How to get Black Cab Licence

Can I get a Black Cab license?

The black taxi driver Kevin May explains how he became a London taxi driver. Each one of them admitted to me that he forged the books. London's fare dodgers are considering sueing £1 billion for technology.

London's fare evaders are considering taking judicial steps against Uber, with possible plans on suing the US driver service for their failure to pay more than 1 billion pounds. Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association is advising attorneys at Mishcon de Reya on a possible lawsuit, according to a Sky News article after Uber was granted a 15-month license to continue operations in London last month. Uber is the first taxi driver to be granted a 15-month license to continue operations in London.

The licence request was rejected in September and an appellate court said that Transport for London was right in its decision that Uber was not a suitable licensee at the time. Even though it has modified its way of working and later received a license, the LTDA's entitlement would refer to the first five years Uber was active in the city.

Twenty-five thousand incumbent cab riders are estimated to have missed 10,000 a year in revenue. The LTDA's general secretary, Steve McNamara: "We have been contacted by a number of members to help them find out if there are reasons for a possible collective lawsuit by all cab riders against Uber.

In the event the cabmen continue, the lawsuit is anticipated to be conducted in the fall with the support of a lawsuit fund, with the cost of the case possibly amounting to a few dozen million lbs. Uber says that about 3.6 million London residents make regular use of their services in London, where there are 45,000 of them.

It said it was not in a position to express an opinion on the LTDA's move without being aware of the rationale for its possible jurisdiction. LTDA had previously unsuccessfully sued Uber and argued that the carpooling assistance was actually one metre away, despite his licence. At first, however, Uber was refused a new London licence by UfL for a number of reasons, among which are a violation of the licence regulations when assessing riders and reporting violations to the traffic wardens.

Uber has since said that she has fundamentally changed her practice to be a "better partner", with a new UK supervisory team.

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