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mauritius air No satisfactory answer from Air Mauritius despite several calls, ...several e-mails to the baggage department and an online complaints procedure to our support department ..

. I have no solution but to let the public know how dissatisfied I am with the way Air Mauritius treats its customers.

My suitcase was damaged during the flight MK745 on July 22nd between New Delhi and Mauritius. When I arrived in Mauritius to pick up my luggage and noticed that my suitcase was damaged (upper corner completely torn), I contacted the Air Mauritius Loss Division in Mauritius who submitted a claim form under ref. no. HRUMK56361 on 22 July.

To date, I do not have a specific answer as to how Air Mauritius intends to compensate me. What else needs to be done to ensure that Air Mauritius acts, recognises that it has damaged the baggage of a passenger travelling in one of its aircraft and compensates it accordingly for the exchange of that baggage?

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Mauritius is the Mauritian air operator headquartered at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, Port Louis, Mauritius. In 1972, the air transport operator began operating under the name Air Mauritius ltd. There are many Air Mauritius flights to Perth, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Paris, Hong Kong, Banglore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Nairobi, Antananarivo, Kuala Lumpur, Rodrigues, Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre, Singapore, Cape Town, Duban, Johannesburg and London.

Currently, Air Mauritius has code share arrangements with Air France, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, South African Airways and Virgin Australia Airlines. It is the 4th biggest airline in sub-Saharan Africa. Air Mauritius is also a member and one of the founder members of the Vanilla Alliance. Currently, Air Mauritius mainly uses Airbus aircrafts, which include Airbus A 319, A 330 and A 40 series.

Currently they own two ATR 72-500 production jets and have probably also ordered four Airbus A350s. Two A350-900s leased from AerCap are expected to be delivered by Air Mauritius in October and November 2017. Today, 26 March 2018, AirMauritius commenced operation twice a week in Amsterdam. On Mondays and Fridays, the services are operated by an Airbus A 340 with 34 business and 264 economy class passengers.

The third week of the week is added in the top July and August on Wednesday. Scheduled services are provided in cooperation with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France. As a reminder, KLM launched this common operation in October 2017 with three daily departures per week between Amsterdam and Mauritius.

"Launching our Amsterdam operation is part of our plans to create a second European turntable. Much of our major route is based on the powerful historic links we have with the countries in which we work. The name Mauritius was actually derived from Prince Maurits of Nassau during the 1598 Netherlands population.

Amsterdam is expected to become an important turntable in our global transport system, especially for Northern and Eastern European travel. Somas Appavou, CEO, said: "This will help to increase the number of tourists arriving in Mauritius. The most important European hubs for Air Mauritius are Paris, from where, together with its European partners Air France, it operates almost 40 codeshare flights to European countries.

Over the years, Air Mauritius and the Air France/KLM Group have established strong relationships, and Air France has been an important business associate since Air Mauritius was founded in 1967. During 1998, the two carriers entered into a cooperation arrangement for the joint operation of the Mauritius-Paris service. Air Mauritius to test Air Mauritius in China.

Following an evaluation, the airline chose to substitute the Mauritius-Guangzhou route with a trip to Wuhan, a central town in the state. "Preparing for our full-year budgets, we have carried out an evaluation of the Air Mauritius itineraries. Following this review, we have resolved to cancel the Guangzhou route and substitute it with a Wuhan route," saidomas Appavou, General Manager of Air Mauritius.

China is not the only country that is going to be changed. For example, in Madagascar, Air Mauritius is currently discussing with the public administration an increased number of departures to this area. "The ideal scenario would be for us to fly to Madagascar seven and a half times a week," says Somas Appavou. Currently, the domestic carrier offers five services between Ivato airport and Mauritius.

Further changes to be anticipated are flight to South Africa and India. In high times, Air Mauritius is hoping to be able to offer more services to these goals. "Our aim is to offer three Cape Town services and four or five Durban services at prime times," said Air Mauritius General Executive.

Initially, the carrier will offer only two daily services a week between Mauritius and Durban. Meanwhile, Air India and Air Mauritius have extended their code share partnerships to include services beyond Mauritius as well as within India. On 26 March, Air Mauritiusbegan will operate its new Mauritius (MRU) to Amsterdam (AMS). During the S18 it will operate the third trip twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) with a third trip in July and August on a Wednesday basis.

Mauritius will deploy its A340-300s in the 9,559 kilometre long segment operating under a cooperation arrangement with KLM. The OAG timetables show that the Netherlands domestic airline operates this couple of airports with three weekly departures until 25 March, with Air Mauritius now the single airline.

"Somas Appavou, Air Mauritius Chief Executive, said: "The launch of our Amsterdam operation is part of our plans to create a second major base in Europe. "The Schiphol airport, well serviced by our GLM partners, gives us easy entry to 50 code-share locations throughout Europe. Amsterdam is expected to become an important centre on our net, especially for Northern and Eastern Europeans.

Mauritius' airline, Air Mauritius, will now have SITA's cordless terrestrial technologies so that the new generations of planes will remain linked to key backend applications wherever they go. Air Mauritius unveiled the first two new A350s in October 2017 and plans to add four more to its A350 portfolio over the next few years.

One of the most modern Airbus A350 planes to fly today. Media Independent Aviation Messaging (MIAM) is a uniquely complex and data-intensive application with its own uniquely proprietary communications protocols. In this way, large volumes of information are to be exchanged between the airplane and the surface system via several communications canals.

SITA' SITA' cordless connection at the gates enables the carrier to quickly and safely share important in-flight information with its own system as well as with Airbus and IBM. Air Mauritius will help shorten airplane turn-around time, while providing smooth system administration for the airplane by providing full global connectivity. At the same time, Air Mauritius will be able to offer its customers a global service that will enable them to quickly share information on their aircrafts.

"Those new planes have become airborne datacenters that depend on world-class connectivity to share information about everything from powerplant information to passengers' requests and even route location upgrades. What this means is a quick and dependable connection, no matter where the plane is located. SITA works with global carriers to help deliver this connectivity and to make sure that the advantages of networked airplanes are fully realized.

" According to SITA Air Transport IT Insights 2017, a combined 30% of airline companies will already own interconnected planes within their fleets and 73% of airline companies will own or own interconnected planes in the next three years. Mauritius airline Air Mauritius has renewed its code share with Kenya Airways to provide its clients with more services at its Nairobi and Port Louis hub.

Both carriers already have a long-standing code-sharing arrangement in which Kenya Airways sets its codes to the three Air Mauritius daily departures on the Mauritius-Nairobi itinerary. Nairobi is used by Air Mauritius as a gateway from where it provides links to a number of East and Central African cities via a KQ ecosystem.

The Kenya Airways also uses Mauritius as a hub for connecting to the Air Mauritius ecosystem. In October 2017, Air Mauritius revamped the Airbus A350-900XWB operations, previously designed for its maiden 19OCT17 outing. The last 08OCT17 and 08OCT17 updates show the delayed 23OCT17 launch, which operates as Mauritius - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur and the MRU with 23OCT17 and 25OCT17, only 2 departures.

A350 planned for Johannesburg, is now planned for 27OCT17. London Heathrowroute, London OnMauritius, A350 revamped operations sees only 2 departures, on 11NOV17 and 15NOV17 (LHR 12NOV17 and 15NOV17). The planned launch of the A350 to Paris will remain in place on 01 December 17. In the latest flight plan updating, Air Mauritius has requested an extra flight for its planned return of the Mauritius-Amsterdam services, planned for 26 March 18.

A340s will start serving this service twice a week, and a 3rd weekly Wednesday press will be added from 04JUL18 to 03SEP18. Previously, the airline operated in Amsterdam from May 1988 to July 1988. A Memorandum of Understanding on providing expert knowledge for the creation of a new domestic airline in Ghana has been concluded between Air Mauritius and the Governement of Ghana.

Dapaah spent the following weeks in Mauritius, where he met with Air Mauritius leaders and the provisional arrangement was subsequently concluded on Thursday 31 August. It is also said that Ghana has reached consensus on a businessplan for the expansion of Air Mauritius in Africa. Ghana, for its part, is in the midst of rebuilding a new airline that aims to develop the country's own network of local, state, and foreign flights.

At the beginning of the year, Dapaah endorsed discussions with both Mauritians and Ethiopian Airlines (ET, Addis Ababa) on the roles of advisors in the programme. Recently, Air Mauritius organized a get-together with several tour operators to introduce Singapore as a Mauritanian tourist city. In turn, this will increase Mauritius' and Singapore's profile.

Mauritius was organized in cooperation with Changi Airport Singapore and prompted Raj Deenanath, VP Sales Support and distribution for Air Mauritius, to re-examine all Singapore Airlines flight proposals since March 2016. Air Mauritius's seat load factor is hereby reconfirmed to have risen consistently by 80.7%, with a 10 point gap between the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 years.

The number of Air Mauritius travellers on this flight was 17,000, an 10% rise over the same time frame in 2016. The airport provides flights to 15 different locations from this hub: Starting October 30, 2017, KLM, in collaboration with Air mauritius, will be flying a live battle from Amsterdam to Mauritius, offering clients a year-round service.

KLM's new air services are powered by KLM's latest access facility, which is a 787-9, offering 30 World Business Class seating, 45 Economy Comfort seating and 219 Economy Class seating. Services are available Monday, Thursday and Saturday from Amsterdam at 17:20 (local time) and arrive in Mauritius at 07:35 (local time).

Departure for Mauritius at 09:45 and return to Schiphol at 18:35. Air Mauritius in March 2017 announces that its Airbus A350-900XB will be operational from November 2017. From 18 November, the carrier will operate 3 to 4 services per week on the Mauritius-Johannesburg routes and 3 services per week on the Mauritius-London-Heathrow routes from 15 December and a day trip on the Mauritius-Paris CDG routes from 16 December.

From this year, Air Mauritius will install several A350-900s with two new planes, followed by two more in 2019 and two more in 2020.

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