Boeing 787 Business Jet

787 Boeing Business Jet

The 787 VIP: Version of the 787-8/-9 on behalf of the Boeing Business Jet Division. Jet and Boeing jointly announced at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE), the largest business aviation event in Europe. The Chinese business jet operator Deer Jet recently transferred the management of its Boeing 787 BBJ Dream Jet to its partner FH International Trip Support. Boeing 787-9 BBJ (MSN 37109) combines a combination of space and range only offered by an airline class aircraft. B787 is one of the latest Boeing models, with an updated aerodynamic body and new engines.

A tour of the Boeing 787, which was rebuilt into a privat jet.

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner looks like this in the picture above. Now, Kestrel aviation management has made exactly these changes. Kestrel Aerospace Consultants has just released its first Dreamliner specifically designed as a customized Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), according to Kestrel CEO Stephen Vella. As the aircraft has been resold to an unknown Asiatic carrier, it is unlikely that any of us will be using it in the near future.

There' s no harm in dreaming: 2016 Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. Kestrel VP of Communication and Business Evolution Nohl Martin described it as a "flying masterpiece". If you look at this roomy master stateroom, we are in agreement. Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. Illumination, sound and videomonitors, shutters and passenger enquiries are controlled from trays throughout the cab.

Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. Aeroplanes can be flown non-stop for over 17 hrs, making this luxurious main room a must. Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. There is a large enough bath room in the main room to accommodate a washbasin for him and her. Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. 2016 Kestrel Aviation Management Inc.

There are four more ensuite rooms in supplement to the primary one, among them one next to the primary one. Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. 2016 Kestrel Aviation Management Inc. Business insiders say one of these airplanes will throw you well over $300 million back.

The Deer Jet operates the world's first VVIP 787 Boeing Business Jet.

GENF, EBACE - Deer Jet, the biggest business jet enterprise in Asia, will operate the world's first VVIP BBJ 787. Jet and Boeing joined forces at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE), the biggest business Aviation conference in Europe. Even before its launch, the Boeing 787 range was known as the "Dreamliner".

At present, Deer Jet runs almost 90 business jet aircraft, 4 of which are BBJs, which means that Deer Jet already has extensive operational expertise in Boeing business jet aircraft. CAISSA Touristic, the HNA Group's renowned tourist trade mark, has also moved into the high-end sector of tailor-made travel in the last two years and has enjoyed considerable rewards. The Deer Jet has evolved very quickly in recent years.

Deer Jet (Beijing), Deer Jet (Shanghai) and Hong Kong Jet have been formed to optimise the airline's networks and have worked with Gulfstream and Dassault Aviation to optimise servicing. She has also founded Honor Aviation Support and opened 8 FBOs throughout China. Deer Jet's 2015 aircraft captured 70% of the aircraft fleet, and more than 50% of the world's flying time was in terms of time.

Jet also won the "World Leadading Privat Jet Charter" at the World Travel Awards (WTA), further enhancing the company's brand name. The Deer Jet has been in service for 21 years. She is a wholly owned affiliate of the HNA Group, a Fortune Global 500 corporation. The business aerospace business began in China and is still a frontrunner in the Chinese aerospace sector.

Deer Jet is taking significant strides in expanding its worldwide services ecosystem with the goal of becoming a world-class business jet operating company with the ambition to build a world-class business jet family.

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