Flying Bum

Fly behind

Glimpse into the elaborate airplane, which is called the "flying butt". In the interior of the biggest airplane of the word - Airlander 10 aka'The Flying Bum'. It'?s a hybridship! Last weekend at the Farnborough Airshow, the world's biggest airplane presented interior designs - and they look astonishing.

Twenty-five million pounds (48.3 million NZ$) long, the 92 metre -long airplane is around 18.2 million euros longer than the world's biggest commercial airliner, the Airbus A380, which is almost 73.1 million euros long.

The HAV is planning to take up to 19 guests on three-day Airlander 10 trips and it looks as if they will be pampered on the plane. The HAV is planning to take up to 19 guests on three-day outings. The Airlander 10 has luxury bedroom with private bathroom, Altitude Bar and large living area.

One of the most eye-catching features of the interiors is the glazed floor, which allows travellers to enjoy the view from 4876.8 metres (16,000 feet) from every corner. Airlander, however, is not about getting to places quickly. Instead, the luxurious airplane should revitalize the pleasure of flying as an adventure and not as a means of transportation.

"The Airlander team is asking men to think about heaven - that's the power behind everything we do. But it was not always a clear decision for the biggest plane in the whole wide air.

Have a look into the luxury cabin of the Flying Bum airplane.

Part of the airplane will feature en-suite bedroom, exquisite dinning and sitting areas with horizon-to-horizon views. The Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), which develops the 25 million pound planes, claimed that it will open up possibilities for "luxury expeditions" to places that cannot be accessed with current means of transportation. The Airlander 10 is 302ft long, 143ft broad and 85ft high, with a cabine bigger than most singles and aisles.

Madly wasteful inside the world's longest airplane.

Yes, that's a planes. Recent photographs from aboard the strangest airplane in the galaxy, called the "flying butt", show a view most of us will never see. Airlander 10, the 44 million dollar Airlander 10, is a combination of an airplane and an dirigible that is known as a "flying butt" thanks to its large, curvy back.

New pictures by the UK-based manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles and designer company Designs Q show room-high window frames and a glazed bottom on aboard this iconic plane. "We often like to think of Airlander as a cruiser ship in the sky," Tom Grundy, managing partner of Hybrid Air Vehicles, said to NBC News.

Airlander 10, which is 95 meters longer than an Airbus A380, can transport 19 persons on three-day journeys, although there is nothing new at the expense of a single tick. The advantage of its unmatched styling is that it can take off and landing on almost any level ground and does not necessarily require an asphalt track.

With four diesel-powered turboprop engines, the airplane can fly at a speed of about 145 km/h at an elevation of about 1800 to 2400 meters - although it can more than twice that. McGlennan's company is planning to develop up to 12 air landers per year from the early 2020s. However, so far it has been a rugged trip for the unusual shape of the airplane.

Few month later the plane emptied after it had detached itself from its berth and fallen on a ledge.

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