Boeing 757 Business Jet for Sale

757 Boeing Business Jet for sale

Sale of Boeing 757 Jet. Since its transformation in 1996, this low-rated high ranking company 757-200 has had only one business operator. Boeing 757 is offered for sale by aircraft brokers all over the world. 757 Boeing Executive VIP for sale / rental.

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ATEXILIARY PUMP atexiliary pump unit: the airplane is supplied SFAR 88 conform with the PATS service refuel system, which has been disabled and disabled as actual airplane use does not necessitate cruising distance. PATS additional refueling system comprised 8 additional refuelling units, four in each of the front and rear holds, which initially offered a 13 hour/6000 nm area.

Currently configured with disabled and remote tankers, the airplane has a cruising distance of approximately 9h/4000nm. Supplied with additional tank as replacement kit in case a prospective occupant decides to replace them. That plane's in hangar. The Associated Air Center rebuilt the cabin into a high-level passenger cabin in 1996, offering space for up to 43 occupants (including the front cabin lounge), two springboards on the flying decks, and three cabin staff seating.

Fire-retardant MSA shutters throughout the entire cab with the exception of the crews quiet area and the business threshold area. High-resolution videos are available in the main and main cabins with Boeing Direct Satellite TV System, Airshow and MPEG 4 receiver. Highspeed information is available throughout the entire airplane via a 24-port Gig Network Switch.

Onward Lounge:

757-200 Boeing 757-200 Privat Jet Charter, sale and lease of privat jets

The Boeing 757 was designed in conjunction with the 767 widebody aircraft and boasts a state-of-the-art EBIS cockpit design, standing height, and the unique ability to be the world's favourite commercial aircraft. The Boeing 757 is known for its flexibility, longevity, efficiency and overall power and can handle 219 people.

Boeing 757-200 was initially put into operation by Eastern in 1983. Initially conceived as a small to mid-term dry freighter, this plane operated trans-continental, trans-atlantic and trans-Pacific services, as the carriers found it to be highly cost-effective on longer journeys. Boeing has also engineered several versions of the 757-200, including one suitable for freight operation, as an airplane capable of covering a large number of specialised market niches.

757-200 is by far the most beloved of the over 913 airplanes produced in the 757-200 line and is used by large carriers around the globe. The Boeing 757-200 began in 1982 and ended in 2005. So far 995 airplanes have been made. Boeing 757-200 has a max certificated cab of 239, with a seat arrangement of 6 adjacent seats.

There are 4 fully closed toilets and 5 kitchen areas for preparing meals and drinks. 757-200 also comes with plenty of covered stowage, as well as a wardrobe for extra wardrobe and winter cloaks. Boeing 757-200 has always been known for its outstanding features.

Capable of a cruising rate of more than 480 mph and a height of up to 42,000 ft, this plane is able to perform near real-time trans soceanic and trans continental missions while preventing the effects of the elements. Select up to 3 planes below to collate them side by side.

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