Catching a Taxi in Rome

Take a taxi in Rome

Taxis officially registered are white with an ID number and Roma capitals on the pages. Constantly with the chargeable tariff, never with an agreed price (the fixed tariffs to and from the airports are exceptions). Do you have any thoughts about taxi or using about in Rome? To explore the city, you can use the white registered taxis. Avoiding outbursts when driving a taxi in Rome and how much a Roman taxi ride should cost.

Travelling by taxi through Rome

There are two major subway routes in Rome, A (orange) and A ( blue), which intersect at Termini. There is a secondary line, the B1, which services the northerly boroughs, and line C goes through the southeast edge of the city, but you probably won't need it. Information on trains is available in the customer service area in the Stazione Termini hall.

A taxi or a high-flyer in Rome? - Room Forums

A taxi or a high-flyer in Rome? The first thing you should know is that Über is different in Italy, they only sell what they call Über Black, which are upper class automobiles. In May we were just in Rome and were there last year, and we used Über on both journeys.

When it comes to tariffs, Uber is sometimes less, sometimes not. So I suggest we do what we did - what the installment was on Uber, and then ask a taxi what their installment would be. Arriving at Termini station, we got an offer from Uber to our guesthouse, then we asked at the taxi rank for the price and the price was much higher by taxi, so we went with Uber.

lt was great, our trip was in a Mercedes. Drivers knew our target and the rates were actually lower than the estimates. The same thing we did on the way to the airfield when we left our theater. It turned out that in this case the use of a taxi was the better tariff, but not so much.

We' ve deployed Uber in Rome, London and other major Europe destinations. Whatever the reason, most TA boards seem to be against TA over, however, it's a good one. If you use the application, please review the tariff and make a decision.

Permanent tariffs, fraud and airport information

Taxi can be a quick and comfortable way to explore Rome, but unfortunately they can also be costly, untrustworthy and not always upfront. If another means of transportation is available, it is usually a good option to take it, but there are periods, such as nighttime or off-peak, when a taxi is the best choice.

For flights between the center of Rome (within the old ramparts ) and the airport there is now a flat rate: The arrival and departure to Fiumicino is 48 Euro, the arrival and departure to Ciampino 30 Euro. Some taxi riders, however, are more truthful than others, so it is a good idea to confirm courteously that they will comply with the set fares before boarding, perhaps with the above mentioned fares in your hands.

For more information, see the rate agreement. It is a unfortunate fact of living in Rome that there are many folks cheating the careless tourists (or locals, for that matter). In particular, this is the case for taking taxi cabs with you in Rome, and there are several frequent cases of fraud to look out for.

Take special care when taking a taxi from important touristic hot spots such as an airport or Termini train stop. Have the fare documentation ready and make a note of the driver's cabin number (and the phone number of the operating company) the first time you board. Unauthorized taxis: Never, never take an unscheduled or informal taxi in Rome.

Riders of licenced taxis always sit in or near their vehicles in the offical stands and never advertise like that. Go to an authorized taxi stand (indicated by a gelbes sign). If you are not driving at a specific rate, make sure the operator is using the instrument. When your chauffeur almost - but not entirely - brings you to your guesthouse, perhaps by trying to make you fall around the edge or a few hundred feet up the road, be careful.

Of course there are good taxi riders in the town, but unfortunately Rome has a high share in the other kind. When you have a poor record with a taxi in Rome, you can contact the Carabinieri (tel. 112) or here a municipal complaints form:

Taxis complaint forms (select the'Modulo reclamo taxi intoglese' under ' Reclami' to download a PDF document in English). In Italy, the tendency towards carpooling is beginning to take hold, but is being slowed down by statutory questions and protests from registered taxi riders. UberPop services were shut down by the UberPop tribunals in May 2015, but UberBlack (which uses licenced drivers) runs in Rome, and you can find out more and get offers on UberPop's website.

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