Where's the Nearest Taxi

What's the nearest cab?

Working the hours you choose where you want. When you travel a lot to Washington D.C., you have probably noticed that taxi drivers in the district are remarkable and unusually unpleasant. Come where you need to be.

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Equestrian Taxi Guide for the District of Columbia

You may have found that if you spend a lot of time travelling to Washington D.C., taxi riders in the district are remarkable and abnormally inconvenient. was the last great big US town to introduce taximeters in 2008. D.C. taxi riders are still showing evidence of concern over their loss of capacity to deceive tourist who did not fully appreciate the former zonal pricing system.

Much more than in other towns, they also have a tendency to break fares in order to overburden them. Below are a few hints on how not to get cheated by D.C. taxi drivers and what to do if a taxi operator does not abide by the regulations. When you wish to lodge a claim, please e-mail it to the D.C. Taxi Commission at dctc@dc.gov.

The DCTC can also provide answers to your taxi taxi-related queries in the District of Columbia. You have the right to go anywhere in the district. When a taxi is on service, the taxi driver must take you to any location of your choosing in the District of Columbia. I have seldom had personal problems with taxi drivers who refuse to pay the district tariff.

However I have listened to many tales about taxi drivers who don't want to go to Southeast Washington, and about taxi drivers trying to keep only multi-person groups around the last call (looking for additional personal charges). When a taxi driver cannot accept your current fares in the area, you should file a complaint with the DCTC. Please note: It is at the taxi driver's option to take you to Arlington or another location outside the county.

Baggage fee applies only to really large baggage. Here the fares page in the cab is a frustrating vagueness. They announce a fee of $2. 00 for "large luggage" in the boot, plus $0. 50 if the baggage is picked up by the rider. What does it mean when the baggage is "big"?

Sent the DCTC an e-mail and received this reply: "$2.00 fee only for large baggage that is stored in the boot and exceeds 3 ft3 or 32" x 18" x 9". Taxi drivers in the field will often try to bill you for items under this height, items in the back seats, food in the boot, etc.

Often they fix this fee at $1.00, although there is no such thing as a $1.00 baggage fee on the tariff leaf. When your pocket is smaller than three cc' you say you will be complaining to DCTC about a possible baggage claim. Pay attention to the rates for emergencies in the case of heavy snowfall. A small display on the measuring instrument shows the "fare rule".

" If there is no snowfall, this should be displayed as tariff line "2", and in free-flowing transport, the counter should increase by $1.50 every kilometer. Displaying "3" or "4" on the gauge, the gauge runs at an alarm margin of 1.25 x the standard price.

The tariff regulation 1, which provided for a basic tariff of 19 US dollars within the district, was recently repealed. Two times in the two years I was living in D.C., I had experience with taxi drivers trying to calculate the fall margin during a non-emergency. When you feel that the gauge is speeding up, verify the display of the ticket price rules.

This is a nasty DC cabin routine that is actually permitted by the regulations. When you take a taxi to more than one destination, the taxi driver is authorized to reverse the counter upon arriving at each stop and to charge you again and again for flags, additional passenger charges and the like. Not much point and does not fit with what I have seen in other big towns, but unfortunately it is the norm.

I lodged a claim in September against a chauffeur who tried to collect a fake baggage fee from me; when I said to him that I would not be paying the fee, he quit riding and asked me to get out of his taxi. I just received an e-mail from DCTC five month later stating that the rider had been found liable in a referendum and had to foot a penalty.

Those regulations can be enforceable, but that will depend on the passenger understanding what the regulations are and making a complaint to the DCTC if they are not followed.

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