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There' gonna be one of the biggest planes in the whole wide open sky flying to Michigan this weekend.

MARQUETTE, MI - One of the biggest planes in the whole wide open air will be flying to an Upper Peninsula airfield this weekend, and its landing will cause a little sensation among air travel enthusiasts who want to take a look. An Antonov 124 jet made in Russia is due to be delivered to Sawyer International near Marquette at 11:30 am on Wednesday, April 4.

This huge freighter comes in to collect a southern korea chopper and bring it back to this state. Korea Aerospace Industries and the Southern Army have had the chopper in Sawyer for the past few month, where their employees did de-icing testing with the U.S. Army, the airport said.

"It is one of the biggest freighters for civil use," said Duane DuRay, Airports Executive. Marquette International Airports is about 17 nautical miles from Marquette. Perhaps the giant arrives better than his departures, as he is to depart Sawyer on Thursday at 12:30 pm.

Sawyer Air Force Base is the longest of the state and at the same place supports a B-52 take-off and landing squad. DuRay said that the Antonovs' coming doesn't demand anything particular from the airfield people. However, they will have air and fire crew available for the arrivals and departures of the airplane, as required by the owner Volga Dnepr Unique Air Cargo, Inc.

This is the second year that Korean Airspace Industries has come to Sawyer with airplanes.

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