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Business Class with SriLankan Airlines

Looking for incredible offers on SriLankan Airlines flight? The Sri Lankan Airlines, the National Airlines of Sri Lanka, is an award-winning carrier with a solid reputation as the world's leading provider of security, convenience, service, dependability and timeliness. It is currently reinforcing and widening its horizon for its broad product and customer offering to give a boost to the tourist sector.

South Lankan Airlinesâ ? hubs are situated at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, which provides a worldwide service to 60 major airports in 33 European and Middle Eastern markets, South Asia, South East Asia, the Far East, North America and Australia. It has received several awards in various different areas. Lankan Airlines of Sri Lanka operate from London Heathrow to various locations around the globe.

Sri Lankan fleets comprise luxury seating with lots of tilt and width. Each seat is fitted with state-of-the-art in-flight entertainments with 18 videotunnels, including an aerial show with forward and down cams. Lankan Airlines provides groundhandling for all airlines operating Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo and has earned a reputation among its customers for outstanding performance in terms of friendliness and well organised servicing.

Passengers traveling in economy class with Sri Lankan Airlines receive a reassuring degree of convenience that makes their travel experiences more enjoyable. You' re a lucky man when you take to the skies in the airline's unbelievable new Economy Class. Indulge yourself with a large selection of cosmopolitan food, reclining seating and other amenities that will keep you choosing the carrier.

Enjoy the comfort of the roomy cab, the elegant interior and the superb on-board services that make you comfortable. Bring your gustatory nerves with you on a thrilling voyage with delicious meals and inspire your senses with excellent on-board electronics. What would it be like if you treated your eye with a large choice of 18 film and television stations and 22 radios?

Would you like to get your fingers in videogames for having a great time? It is the airline's intention to introduce 16 videogames on the A330 and A-340. Travelers who fly in the business class of Sri Lankan Airlines will be surprised and offer the best comfort.

Treat yourself to a pleasurable guilt if you enjoy impeccable food throughout your trip with the incomparable Sri Lankan cuisine. Understanding the importance of travel, Sri Lankan Airlines makes every effort to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Business Class Travel offers you an 80" plank deck so you can look ahead to relax perfectly.

Get a whole host of fun with the airline's award-winning in-flight entertaining system, which gives you optional tunes, films, games and more. There is a variety of wholesome food to select from. Simply get started and enjoy the fun. If you fly Sri Lankan Airlines, what more could you ask for?

Inflight entertainments it offers are second to none and unlike any other carrier. There are a number of surprising possibilities for travellers to select from when it comes to entertaining. You can enjoy a large selection of 16* and 22* sound programmes on your own backrest TV.

From the aircraft's exterior camera, you can take beautiful pictures of take-off and landings and take a snapshot in between. Each Business Class seating area is equipped with an individually designed videoplayer that allows you to select from "over 30 film titles" in different language versions. You can watch some great films on channels 1 through 6.

If you want to lean back with your head closed, listening to the wireless is the perfect way. Scroll through 22 different audio tracks and enjoy a great selection of international tunes. Canals 10-15 give you some of the best in art, comedy, theatre and sport.

Continue and enjoy a brain-storming experience with 24 online gaming options available on the carrier.

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