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In Barcelona you can pay with credit card taxis or taxi apps. If you need to call a taxi in Barcelona, it is worth having our number at hand because we offer the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled reliability. 2018 Barcelona - Taxi Company Barcelona What is the best way to book a taxi in Barcelona? Taxi in Barcelona secure? Yeah, Barcelona cabs are secure.

Which colour are the cabs in Barcelona? Has Barcelona Uber? Uber does not work in Barcelona. You can find Barcelona taxi phone numbers and Barcelona taxi company web sites. Browse below for information about taxi and taxi services in Barcelona outside Barcelona.

As a rule, you can usually make payments by bank transfer in all Barcelona cabs, but as a rule, always ask the taxi rider first if you can make payments by bank transfer and ask the taxi rider what the actual additional fees are for baggage and airports or cruises. On the side of the taxi windows there should be a plate with the actual price.

It is also recommended to always ask the taxi cab owner for a voucher (recibo) at the end of the taxi journey. If you want to lodge a complaint about a taxi or a taxi rider, you need the receipts. It may be that you need a voucher if you loose an object in a taxi and need a voucher for your entitlement to cover if you don't get the object back through the Barcelonta Taxi Lost and Found Ofice.

On the taxi voucher there is always the information of the taxi cab holder, the number plate, the NIF number, the number plate, the taxi fare and the date of the taxi driving time. See Barcelona lost and found taxi webpage for information on finding your way in a taxi. Barcelona Metropolitan Region. In Barcelona there are over 10,000 licenced cabs, all of which are lacquered in either red, blue or amber.

In Barcelona it is very secure to take a taxi at any time of the morning. As a rule, you will not be betrayed at the price in a Barcelona taxi. Barcelona's taxi hire business is up to date and all taxi fares are calculated using a taxi meter. In Barcelona you can use your Barcelona taxi or taxi app to make payments.

Call Barcelona taxi businesses by phone or use MyTaxi applications to make an appointment for a taxi booking on-line via your smart phone - or call Barcelona taxi on the road. The Barcelona taxi rates indicated in the cabs can be seen in the side windows. The taxi rates indicated in the taxi can be viewed in a side panel on the back.

If you have a complaint about your taxi in Barcelona or have forgotten your belongings, please consult the website of the Barcelona Taxi Institute. El PRAT DE LLOBREGATRÀDIO TAXI DE EL PRAT (El Prat de Llobregat) Taxi Service. TAXI LADY - RADIO TAXI D'ESSLUGUES IN HOSPITALET. Taxicab enterprise RIPOLLETRÀDIO TAXI METROPOLITÀ VALLÈS OF CCIDENTALArea covered: SANT BOI de LlobregatRÀDIO TAXI DEL BAIX LLOBREGATTaxi Taxi companies Fleet: 240 Cab.

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