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Learn more about reserving taxis in Hong Kong & booking hotlines, call booking charges and taxinews & blogs. I will list the phone numbers of all taxi call centers in Hong Kong here. Hong Kong's taxis are dosed, cheap, clean and very numerous.

Chuen Lee Radio Taxis has a list of taxi intercoms. N.T. Taxi Owner & Driver.

Taxi - Hong Kong Transportation (Hong Kong)

There are currently more than 18,000 cabs on the roads of Hong Kong. Taxi cabs can be pinpointed and categorised in which area they are active, and users can distinguish between the colours pink, black and white. You' ll find the classic Rote Taxi almost everywhere in Hong Kong and it is used in most Hong Kong counties except Lantau Island and Tung Chung Road.

Lantau area is serviced only by the black cabs. At the bottom of the price list as a reference: - For prices below $72 per metre you will find the Green Taxi mainly in the New Territories. It serves the more isolated and countryside areas of Hong Kong. At the bottom of the price list as a reference:

Blue taxis are located on Lantau Island and are mainly operated and serviced there. At the bottom of the price list as a reference: These are some useful numbers to call a taxi:

Taxi HKTaxi - Taxi Hailing App (HK)

HKTaxi is the best taxi-hailing application with the highest order completion in Hong Kong, as reported by Consumer Council's Choice magazine (March 2018 issue). The Consumer Council's test shows that HKTaxi reaches an order completion ratio of 94.4% at peaks and 100% at off-peak times.

The HKTaxi is your most dependable traveler. Now supports the electronic payment service. Call a taxi and you will be charged the price within HKTaxi. You can now take the most convenient taxi trip ever. Sketched by Hong Kongers. Featuring a all-new look to help you get a cab asap.

24/7 24/7 customer care line with genuine contacts to meet all your travel needs. Automated evaluation system for driving to improve the performance of driving personnel. Enjoy an easy, faster and more comfortable way to take a taxi. Go get a cab. However you call it, in the simplest way. Best taxi-hailing application in Hong Kong.

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