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About offers helicopter flights with ÜberCHOPPER. Surprised by the variety of different features your application can offer. ÜberCHOPPER (your own personal helicopter service) is an EXTREMEL EXTREME exclusivity that has only been available in a few towns so far - driving an UeberCHOPPER would certainly give you the right to brag for several week.

For how much and where is ÜberCHOPPER available? Über recently advertised their helicopter flights to the Cannes Film Festival in France - for 160 Euro (about ~$180 USD). These services included: Given that this transport normally takes about an hours by road, it seems that over CHOPPER is both comfortable and inexpensive.

The coordination of such an expensive transport alone would probably cause severe headaches, but with the Uber App at your disposal you will be in the sky in no more than a flash. However, the price of a UeberCHOPPER varies as it does business with helicopter operators (with different operating costs) and also depends on how far a helicopter is offered and how long it will take.

Additionally to the Cannes Film Festival, HuberCHOPPER was similarly available for a one-way trip from New York to the Hamptons. ÜberCHOPPER also made trips to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with departures from Nashville, Tennessee and a return trip to Nashville.

Similar services were also provided for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which cost 3000 dollars for up to 5 persons. By helicopter from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for the F-1 Grand Prix 2015 were also available for about 612 dollars per passenger. UeberCHOPPER's were also available on Hawaii for the Polo Club events in May for $350 per capita (if the prize was divided among 6 people).

In fact, they have even provided free Chicago trips for some happy people in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Lisbon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Shanghai and Cape Town (South Africa). Some of the places mentioned above also offer sightseeing trips. The duration and costs of these sightseeing trips differ.

An example of a recent route facility was a 45-minute helicopter flight over LA (Los Angeles, California) that involved a "safari tour" of the Malibu Wines area. There was a charge of $500 per passenger for this trip. What will be the next availability of ÜberCHOPPER? Über has promised that next available will be in Columbo, Sri Lanka, USA, with us atCHOPPER.

And if you're staying there or planning a visit, the new promotional offer means you can actually get a free UeberCHOPPER trip; just make sure you make at least two Ueber trips between Saturday, December 5, 2015, 12:01 pm and Saturday, December 12, 2015, 23:59 pm. The CHOPPER function on your telephone will be activated and you can order a free helicopter trip at a later date (not yet published by Uber).

Über has declared that this will be done under the condition of availabilty and that the full helicopter flight schedule is not yet fully known.

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