Linear Pair Theorem Definition

Definition of the linear pair theorem

If two angles form a linear pair, then they are complementary. In order to download the lesson notebook/work sheet, please go to Definition: The theorem ("The linear pair theorem"): When two angles form a linear pair, they are complementary. Linear angle pairs are always complementary.

Geometric sets

Correspondingly, when two co-planar axes are intersected by a transverse so that two corresponding angle have the same dimension, they are mutually paralleled. Reverse of Postulate Multiple Line.

Parallel Line Postulation: Corresponding angels have the same dimension if two straight line are running and are intersected by a cross line. There are two additional brackets to the same bracket that are matched to each other: Follows the vertical angular theorem; the evidence is the same as that of the vertical angular theorem.

Squareness theorem evidence: (Evidence: given at any right angle

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