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If it is worth buying a one-way plane ticket The New York Times reported that one-way tickets are becoming more and more accessible for travellers from all over the world. In the past, airline companies increased the cost of one-way tickets on the grounds that they were usually bought by price-gnostic travellers. However, now this one-way bonus has fallen from 44 per cent in 2014 to 11 per cent in 2018, according to figures provided to the Times by the airline reporting corporation.

Over the same periode, the proportion of one-way tickets bought rose by 29 per cent in comparison with return tickets. You can, for example, go to a foreign destination in Europe, then take a little rail journey to a neighbouring destination, stay a few nights in a new place and then go for a much lower price.

When you use a fare booking tool like Google Favorites, you can easily match your local airport with your query to get better fares. "If you are adaptable, it will pay to find the lowest fares in Europe and then close the gap by land or low-cost carrier flights," the Times says.

It is especially useful if you are travelling to favourite holiday resorts like Greece or Italy. The reason for this amendment is that there are now more low-cost airlines such as Norway Air and Ryanair which, according to the Times, provide more competitively priced fares. This of course also means that the flight may not be as convenient or provide as many conveniences as those provided by more costly airlines (see Times, "[s]eats in Ryanair aircraft, for example, do not lean, and the boating procedure may be chaotic").

Another thing you should keep in mind is the quartz notes: When you travel international, there may be regulations in different jurisdictions that prohibit you from having only one one-way pass. "Even if it's just a rail pass, it's generally a good option to show up with a documentary about where you're going next, unless your visas allow you to remain in the county indefinitely," Quartz states.

However, if you're looking to end your holiday in either autumn or autumn, it might make a lot of difference - and give you the chance to go to more places or towns to look for one-way tickets.

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