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Linear process or development is a process in which something changes or progresses directly from one stage to another and has a start and end point. A linear thing is like a line. Powerful>origin point 1arrangement or extension along a linear or nearly linear line. 1.1 Consists of or is predominantly composed of contours or contours.

1.2 Include only one aspect. 1.3Mathematics Can be displayed by a line in a diagram. 1.4Mathematics Include or exhibit a directly proportionate variation in two related variables.

2Progress from one step to another in a unique set of consecutive stages. Middle of the seventeenth century: from the roman word lineari, from the line "a line" (see line).

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Linear processes or developments are processes in which something changes or moves directly from one level to another and has a start and end point. Instead of following the linear narrative of history, choices that take the narrative in different ways. Linear shapes consist of linear strokes.

of the ''70s and '80s. A linear motion or power is more likely to occur in a linear line than in a curved line. Linear motion to a target. Similarly, a linear or linear evolution is a change or progress directly from one level to another with a start and end point.

Instead of following the linear narrative of history, choices that take the narrative in different ways.

Linear " example.

Linear elements of each of these trends are highly dependant on the hypothesis that there will be no changes in periods outside the two reorientations in the 1970-ies and 1997. The latter offers the option of a changed screening distance[15], new linear and non-linear waves modes[16-22] and coherence structures[23,24]. Shaft energy y can be obtained from linear analyses and is used to forecast the system's stable state.

There are several new linear and non-linear wavelength modi and structures[10-17] in such plasma. We develop a technology for the analysis of linear colapse characteristics of spatial linear two-dimensional zero points with open constraints. Linear disturbance of the date of re-combination in the continuum formula - gives the concepts on the right side of (6).

Injectance is linear in thermic compression. Conversely, a linear equation gives a declining percent rise in benefit as the age of the employee increases. Adjusted concepts in the maximum model contained dosage (expressed as covariate), blocks and clones (factors) and all linear interaction between coefficients and coefficients. In fact, the investigated association showed a linear patterns.

Apply hierachical linear modelling to assess changes. However, the x-coordinate is the result of a linear meridian measure and a meridian measure both. Subsequently, we derive a linear value of the coefficient and take it back on each gross value scal. Multi-variate incremental linear regulation was also performed for each perturbation to identify the most powerful predicators of variation in order to assess cost-effectiveness.

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