Airplane Rental Dallas

Aircraft rental Dallas

Dallas TX is the base for our aviation training fleet. Aeroplane rental Great prices and simple conditions. Dallas TX Aircraft Rental Dallas, TX, is the base for airplane rental and retraining. Our flight instructors are experts in teaching because they enjoy teaching, not because they are construction workers. Flight instructors are seasoned high tech experts who offer you outstanding education and support.

All our planes are extremly well serviced and cleaned. You are well resourced and comfortably furnished to give you the best workout or rental adventure. The rental of solo aircraft is governed by aircraft handling requirements, please do not hesitate to inquire. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have or to support you with your aeronautical experiences.

I' m looking for a plane to hire in the DFW area.

You at the northern end of Dallas? The New Millenium Engine Collins PN101 HSI, IFR-certified Garmin GNS430 GPS, S-Tec 50 A/P with Altitude Hold, King KX-155 nav/com m/ 2nd Glidescope, KN64 DME digitally, Strikefinder, PS Engineering 4-station Intermec, King KT76C digitally transponder, Yoke Mapped light and digitally watch, large luggage compartment doorframe.

Garmin GNS430 Garmin IFR-certified; King KX 155 bevel radios; PS Engineering audiopanel and 4-place duplex system; Cessna 300 C Mode C transponders; KR 87 ADF; KN 64 DME; C 300A auto-pilot tracking navigators (no elevation stop); Winglets; CEM. COMS with 2 frequencies; 2 frequencies; VORS; DME; transponders; ADF; GPS; communication system; marking light; VORS; GPS; IFR approved.

Every member of the current member program with current FAA student, personal, business or air traffic pilot certification and one-engined shore evaluation may fly the club's single-engined stationary airplanes. Every member of the actively participating clubs who has a current FAA certification for personal, business or air traffic pilots with single-engine shore evaluation may fly the club's single-engine landing craft, provided it fulfills this requirement:

150 or more flying lessons (or, only in relation to Cardinal 177RG, 125 or more flying lessons); 25 or more flying lessons for landing gears (or, instead of 25 lessons, 10 or more lessons on the aeroplane of interest with a club checkout supervisor authorised for that aeroplane);

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