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Booking my ticket

On-line ticket purchases require payment by bank card or e-card when ordering on our website. BookMyShow now lets you book tickets for movies, theatre, concerts, sports and many other events in your city. These tickets do not run out either, they are always available. If you do not wish to reserve a seat, you do not have to book it in advance. Yes.

Boomyshow Introduction of a new feature to cancel the movie, which will be shown in many cinemas as soon as possible.

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The majority of the prestigious movie theaters in the state such as PVR Cininemas, BIG Cininemas, INOX, AGS Cininemas, Apna Cinema, CineMAX, City Gold, DT City Centre, E-SquARE, Cinepolis, Fame Cininemas, Fun Cininemas, Glitter Cinema, Gold Cinema, Gopalan Cinema, HDIL Broadway, Movietime, Prasads, Q Cinema, Rajhan's Cine World, Satyam Cineplexes, SRS Cinema, Storm Players, Storm Players, Wave and many more have joined BookMyShow.

And if that is not enough, you can also book your ticket for theatres such as NCPA Mumbai, Prithvi Theatre Mumbai, Epicenter Gurgaon, Yours Truly Alma Bangalore, Ranga Shankara, Jagriti Theatre, Lamakaan Hyderabad, Comedy Store, Alliance Francaise Chennai, Alliance Francaise de Delhi and many more. The BookMyShow solution is definitely a one-stop provider for all your ticket and show needs.

Please allow us your personal details so that we can send you invitations to your friend to join in or talk after you have purchased your ticket. We ask for the approval of your request for a number of functions such as chats, ticket exchange with your friend. Free of charge please feel free to browse our website, get our free application and book your ticket.

What time should I book my ticket? - transport focus

Whether you buy Anytime or Off-Peak passes makes no matter - they are several week in advance at the same fare as the actual one. Those cards don't run out either, they're always available. If you do not wish to book a place, you do not have to book it in beforehand.

Purchasing these fares in good time in advance may alter the real schedule prior to your trip. It' s quite different for adventure passes. Wherever these are available, they are usually made available about 12 week in advanced - so if you were considering a Christmas trip, you would look around at the end of September.

However, these publication deadlines may vary, some may be available later than 12 and some much sooner (Virgin Trains East Coast, for example, released up to 24 week in advance). You can also get different levels of adventure passes, each at a different rate and, as you might anticipate, the lowest priced ones go on sale first.

Sometimes cheap fares can come back on the market, but usually they become more costly the nearer you get to the point of leaving (assuming there are still some). Will your itineraries likely be changed? It is one of the downside of purchasing in anticipation that your plan may vary.

Both Anytime and Off-Peak ticket entitle you to a full reimbursement if you choose not to tour (although an administrative charge may apply). However, please note that pre-sale ticket cannot be reimbursed if you alter your schedule and choose not to make the trip (unless the rail on which you are booking has been canceled or is delayed).

Usually you can modify the date and hour of the trip as long as you do so before your initial service leaves. A £10 per ticket charge is usually charged to do this, so it can be very costly if a group of you travels.

A railway operator, CrossCountry, has chosen not to levy this administration tax (subject to some restrictions). It is easy to find detail on when presale ticket offers are available. The railway companies' and other retailers' web sites show the "booking window" as part of the travel scheduling as well. A number of sites also provide e-mail notifications telling you when the inexpensive ticket you are interested in will be available.

Register and you will receive an e-mail when the ticket is available. They can take different shapes, some show you the best tariff for the date you have set, others show you some before and after the date you have set and still others have the possibility to show a month version (in case you have the liberty to go when the tariffs are cheapest).

A few sites tell you when your ticket runs out. If there are less than nine Advanced passes, some sites will show you a little like hotels when the rooms are empty. When you want to book pre-sale ticket for more than one people, it is a good idea to check the ticket number first.

When the number of places available at your desired rate is less than the number of purchased passes, it may be more convenient to make two reservations separately. Provide a reservation for the number at the lower rate, the remainder at the next more costly rate.

Like the name suggests, pre-sale ticket must be purchased in advanced. Up until recently, this implied that you had to buy at least one full tradingday before you left. Recently, however, there has been a welcome step towards selling your own pre-sale ticket on the date of your trip. Review their sites for detail. They still demand that you take a particular rail, and they are dependent on availabilities, but if available, they provide a savings at the lowest walking price.

Presale ticket is only available for the individual trains indicated on your ticket or reservation data. If you miss this turn, however, because your connection came too late, you can take a later connection. Talk to an employee first, don't just hop on the next platoon move - it has to be approved first, otherwise you run the chance of being called later.

When you miss your platoon for other things - your meetings overflows or your coach was too slow - the railway is not obliged to let you take a later platoon. You can demand that you buy a new ticket. So, once again find an employee and ask, not just get on the next train hoping.

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