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I' ve got two choices on my schedule. I' d like to pick the one with a shorter stay. I' m flying to Alaska at 2:00 with Alaska Airlines. The SWA flights to SEATAC depart at 10:20 or 12:30 hours, according to which route I select. So if I picked 12:30, would I have enough free travel to make my trip at 14:00?

As I fly in with SWA, I would have to go to luggage reclaim, inspect them at Alaska Airlines and work through safety. Can this be done in a realistic way or should I select the SWA 10:20 a. m. arrivals flight? for example. When your airplane arrives too late, when your pocket is the last pocket from the merry-go-round, when there is a long queue to inspect your pocket at Alaska, when there are very long safety lanes, or a combination of these, you will either miss your trip or your pocket will not make it on your trip.

When your SW fly is canceled or very later and you miss your Alaska fly, you have no fall back. I' d just go and get a ticket from Alaska to Alaska. I' d take the previous airplane to be sure. As Alaska is probably the only carrier that is agile, so if you come to the ticket office early and there is an early departure, they will let you make a daily switch for $25, so that might be another alternative.

Throughout the cruising seasons the safety on Seatac can become terrifying, exactly at the time you just mention. Frankly, I would keep my Southwest points for another journey and use Alaska all the way. Do not have to go through pouch claims and safety - if it IS during the cruising seasons - would be a huge plus.

Maybe if you didn't check luggage, I'd follow your game. Take the previous plane. Sometimes I climbed on an early Alaska/Horizon trip without having to foot the bill of exchange bill. It'?s the plane in the March 20 weekend. I' m not gonna give you an extra $700 to take Alaska all the way.

No need to depart for Alaska to board. You will have access to our A-Gates area near the launch so that you can make your check-in. and if you miss the AS plane, you're finished.

I' m thinkin' the same thing, but I'm goin' in with Alaska and out with SW. I have a SWA plane arriving in Seattle at 10:30. Alaska Airlines fly (with seperate ticket) leaves at 11:45.

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