Build a Flying car

Make a flying car

We' ve been trying to turn a Cozy Coop into one! Do a model of the practical personal flying car: 11 paces Humans can easily submerge airplanes as cars (with wheels). When a plane becomes a handy flying car. The richest place or the richest land in the whole wide range, you can't build an airfield for every single one of your families. When a handy familiy plane always takes off or lands at the airports, it is really not simple to operate, it cannot become a means of transport.

Planes must pass securely between the skyscrapers. Hopefully the flying car is inexpensive, very much families can buy it. Flying does not depend on an aerodynamic, but on a foolish truth: Schub > Schwerkraft. When an airplane can be flown without an aerodynamic, it means it's simple to build. Anyone can build it.

Multicopters become handy aircraft. The aircraft must therefore be able to use a different engine (e.g. beam, piston). Are you interested in this concept, please try making a sweet one or tell someone else. Well, let's try to build a genuine flying car for everyone. There is a controlled volume of air flowing through each diffuser so that there is a 3-point different power that can regulate the car's flying motion.

An exhaust of three can turn, it can steer the course of the flying car. However, the system comes from conventional chopper CCPM system, but not exactly the same, some need to fix it. 2nd wireless system, the number of channels was at least 5. 3rd hex-nylon spacer: The 3548ca-5 850 kv cannot work in the 6s airframe.

I don't have enough spare manpower or funds to find a new engine and prop, to develop a completely new outfit. Luckily I have four 3548ca-5850kvs, now three engines let me go on test flight. My flying car's getting smaller. The APM and MWC can manage this type of system. Keys point is changing the servos area to half, "neutral" and "max" was the same where.

Kanal 3, you have to adjust to a fixed value like 1500, it's not an accelerator! you have to operate the damper via another output port, e.g. ESC(THR) connects to output port 7 or 8. Fix all servos to 2000 Threshold; 3. Place all servos on a level plane, then the total value must be 0 degrees (neutarl)!

Pick up the mock-up, move it and see how it behaves. Effect of the servos must counteract movements of the models, i.e. stabilizing itself was work! Example: Castor to the right. SPOfiyingcar" and "Servolist" for more information on this topic. When you have determined that the servos operation was reversed, click on the "Rev" control checkbox.

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