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Here's how to get in the air at the lowest possible price. Punctual increase in efficiency of the carrier, cancellations correspond to the lowest price of all times. ASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today published its January 2018 consumer report on airline information for November 2017.

During November, the airlines reported a punctual arrivals of 88. 3%, after both 86. 5% punctual delivery in November 2016 and the 84th day of the year.

8% in October 2017 and the second highest ever recorded figure. Maximum was 88. November 6, 2009. During November, reporters cancelled 0.3 per cent of their regular home services, the lowest rates fixed in September 2016 and November 2016, and 0.7 per cent in October 2017.

Furthermore, the Verbraucherbericht contains a recording of complaint received by the DOT Department at the DOT Department Aircraft Passenger Protection from customers on a number of topics such as flight related concerns, luggage, reservation and ticket sales, reimbursements, after sales services, disabled accessibility and discriminatory practices. It also contains information on overbuying and information on the overall number of livestock that were killed, wounded or loss in November 2017 during transportation by plane, as submitted by airlines to the Department of Aeronautical Protection.

For the full text of the Consumers' Review and other air transport related issues of interest to the general public, please visit http://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer. US airlines declaring erroneous luggage information reported an erroneous luggage record of 1.83 per 1,000 passenger in November, an increase from 2.02 in November 2016 and 2.04 in October 2017.

As of November, carriers on internal routes did not report runway delay of more than three consecutive hour, which is zero for runway delay declared in October 2017. During November, the airline companies did not report runway delay of more than four consecutive hour on board aircraft on regular routes, in comparison with two such delay in October 2017.

The department will investigate any longer delay on the runway that has been notified. By the end of November, there were no regular services that were chronic delay - more than 30 min too late, more than 50 per cent of the journey - for two successive month or more. By November 2017, airlines submitting timely service information announced that 11.

Seventy-four per cent of their flight was delay - 3. 60 per cent of their flight was delay due to flight system delay, up from 4. 73 per cent in October; 3. 89 per cent due to flight system delay, up from 5. 15 per cent in October; 3. 61 per cent due to air carrier controls issues, such as service or crewing issues, up from 4. 23 per cent in October; 0. 16 per cent due to severe bad weather, up from 0. 24 per cent in October; and 0. 04 per cent due to safety concerns, up from 0. 04 per cent in October.

Additionally, 0.31 per cent of flight cancellations were made and 0.13 per cent were rerouted. These include flight schedule changes caused by the Federal Aviation Administration of the DOT in agreement with the participating airline companies. The weather is also a cause of delay due to delayed planes, although there are no reported causes specifically in this group.

November, November 27th. Eighty-four per cent of flight delays were weather-related, compared with 29 per cent in the same period last year. In November 2016 it rose slightly from 27 to 27. Forty-two per cent in October 2017. Unlike other airline information, over-sales information is provided not on a quarterly, but on a rather regular basis. In the third three months of 2017, the 12 U.S. airlines reporting forced denied boarding rates or dumping announced a dumping ratio of 0.15 per 10,000 passenger, the lowest three-monthly ratio on the basis of historic figures going back to 1995, from both the 0.69 ratio for the third three months of 2016 and the lowest prior three-month ratio of 0.44 for the second three months of 2017.

In the first nine months of this year, the carrier announced a shock rate of 0. 39 per 10,000 passenger, the lowest January to September rates predicated on historic dates dating back to 1995 and down from the rates of 0. 65 announced during the first nine months of 2016.

From January to September, the lowest price to date was 0.64 in 2002. Figures for the third and first nine months were previously published in the November Annual Travel Consumer Report, which contains denial figures for airlines. Airlines in November recorded an event concerning the deaths, injuries or losses of an individual pet during a flight compared to the four November 2016 and five October 2017 submissions.

DOT in November got 1,299 consumer air services grievances, an increase of 27%. 1% of the 1,022 registrations in November 2016 and 9.3% of the 1,188 registrations in October 2017. It also includes a list of grievances lodged in November with DOT against carriers regarding the handling of disabled people.

In November, the department had 63 handicap related claims in all, compared to 73 in November 2016 and 66 in October 2017. The Aviation Consumer Protection Division in November 2017 registered 13 claims of discriminatory conduct - seven for racial origin, two for descent and ethnic origin, one for skin colour, one for religious belief and two for sexual intercourse.

That is less than the sum of 14 in November 2016 and more than the eight in October 2017. You may also file a claim with the Aviation Consumer Protection Division, U.S. Department of Transportation, C-75, W96-432, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20590. Customers who wish to receive timely information on certain services should call the booking number of their air carrier or tourist agency.

In November there were no inland departures with runway delay of more than three hrs. In November there were no scheduled flight times with more than four hour runway delay. Delta Air Lines cancelled 0 flight in November. United Airlines cancelled 18 flight cancellations in November.

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