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The prices are fixed by the vendor and may be above or below the face value. You can be assured that the low price guaranteed ticket is the lowest on the aftermarket, or we will exceed the 200% differential! QA provides courated and exclusively featured alerting - such as Meet and Greets, Family Nights and VIP Access - directly from your team and other resources!

Information it provides about pricing dynamic over the course of a period of time allows me to continuously conserve cash and get the best places at the best prices....

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Jaguar's play off ticket prices are going up: What are the prices compared to other wildcard programs?

Ochard Park, N.Y. -- Fanbases for the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jags are obviously thrilled to have plain off foot back in their game. Wildcard week-end match-up between the Bills and JAGUARS at EverBank Field in Jacksonville is more costly than any other NFL play-off ticket this week.

At the time of this letter, the lowest Bills-Jaguars ticket on Stubhub is available for $270. That' for a ticket for stand-up only. Top decks begin in the $290 to $300 area. So if you want to be in the 100s or 200s, your ticket will be at least $400, many of them over $500.

In order to put this into relation, ticket prices for the other wildcard matches are not nearly as high. At the moment you can buy a ticket for only 38 dollars for the home match of the chiefs against the Titans, in the NFC the ticket for the wildcard match of the Falcons against the Rams in Los Angeles starts at 79 dollars on Stubhub.

Panthers Saint play in New Orleans starts at $88 on Stubhub. VividSeats, where $252 stand-up ticket is available, says 20 percent of ticket purchases for this match go to New Yorkers. This is the highest rate for an off-exchange following this week-end.

The Bills as well as the Jaguars have overcome long play-off dry spells this year. It is the Jaguar's first play-off performance since 2007, while the Bills have survived the longest post-season dry spell in pro sport with 17 games. It is also the first home match of the Jaguars since the 1999 campaign. Bills and Jaguars supporters have both come to terms with the fact that their clubs have been mistakenly subjected to re-location rumours over the past ten years, but it's hard to challenge the passions of these two Fanbases.

Jaguars took the tarpaulins off some parts of their arena to create 3,501 additional seating places. Play starts on Sunday at 13.00 and the ambience should be unforgettable. Don't tally the bills on Sunday.

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