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List of various aircraft used in the business market or as VIP passenger carriers. Canada + North America, for sale by Central Business Jets, Inc. Nine of the best business jets in operation today.

These are the best business jet for 2016 in each of the nine categories: Large cab ultrasound area, ultra long area, oversized, large, oversized, oversized, oversized, medium sized, medium sized, slightly medium sized, lightweight and boarding area. Members of the Executive Committee only looked at aircraft in operation and operational since March 2016 and provided samples adequate for an exact assessment.

Large-capacity aircraft dominating business jet market

It was once enough that a company had a high-end jet at the top of its business aircraft line.... However, the resilience of "heavy metal" revenues due to the continued decline in business travel after the 2009 slump has altered this. Cutting pepperoni in segments of the industry, which began with lightweight jet aircraft, has entered the large cabins area.

According to Honeywell, widebody aircraft will account for 75% of the value of short-term business aircraft deliveries, rising to 85% over the next ten years. This is 60% of the 9,450 aircraft Honeywell predicts for 2015-24. Providing a broader choice of large aircraft to consumers is clearly a winning formula in such a competitive area.

Gulfstream's Range-Topping system 650ER was put into operation in November. Loan: Gulfstream AerospaceIt is a phenomenon that began before the 2008 glut in the world' s business aerospace industry plunged into deep economic downturn. However, it proceeded with the construction of the GIV large cab alongside the long-haul GV and further divided its offering in 2002 into the GIV-based G300 and G400 as well as the GV-based 500 and G550.

With the introduction of the ultra-long-haul G650 in 2008, the number of large cabins was expanded. Whilst total business aircraft sales stagnated, Gulfstream increased large aircraft sales to 121 aircraft in 2013 from 75 in 2009. Gulfstream's offering of large cabins now includes six Gulfstream aircraft with listed price ranges from $39 million to $66.5 million with the first extended-range version of the 650ER and the introduction of the brand new G500/G600 at the end of 2014.

In the 7,500 nm region, the GS650ER is located next to the GS650 with 7,000 nm, while the GS450 with 4,350 nm and the GS550 with 6,750 nm will be continued in manufacturing after the commissioning of the GS500 and GS600. Featuring new engine, higher speeds, a broader cab, bigger window sizes, an enhanced dashboard and fly-by-wire, the 5,000 nm model is expected to go into operation in 2015 and 2017.

With 43.5 million dollars, the aircraft will compete with Bombardier's Global 5000 and Dassault's Falcon 5X. Elongated, the 6,200nm 6600 engine is scheduled to go into operation in 2016 and $54.5 million in 2018, in competition with the Global 6000 and the Falcon 7X. Concentrating its investments on the development of the Global 7000 ultra-large-capacity cab and the Global 8000 ultra-long-range cab, the company completes its programme of products for large metals.

Featuring new power plants, fly-by-wire, longer cabins and bigger windowing, the $72 million, 7,300-nm G7000 is scheduled to go into operation in 2015 and 2016; the smaller, but longer 7,900-nm G8000 is scheduled to go into operation after one year. Diessault has also expanded its large booth offering by introducing the brand new Falcon 5X and the Falcon 8X, an expanded edition of its Falcon 7X.

The two aircraft will be flying at the beginning of 2015, the 6,450 nm Falcon 5X is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2017 and the 5,200 nm Falcon 5X 2017. Together they offer the Frenchs manufacturers a choice of six large cab models in a $2758 million class. The Embraer fleet supplies the large cabins segment with innovative local jet aircraft.

However, the Brasilian company is inviting its design division, and once the KC-390 and E2 jet have been developed towards the end of this century, it could introduce a new large jet range to supplement its medium-sized Phenom and Legacy series. The narrow segmentation of the markets made Cessna a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight jet segment, but became a commitment when the sale of smaller business aircraft was most affected by the decline and output levels fell.

Today, Cessna's Citation line still comprises five tightly inclined lightweight aircraft, but the company's design focuses on the large end of the family. Responding to changing demands from the aircraft industry, Cessna rapidly introduced up-to-date aircraft in order to boost customer demands while developing new aircraft. Rapidly, the firm supplied the advanced Citation M2 and CJ3+ lightweight aircraft, the medium-sized Sovereign+ aircraft and the high-speed Citation X+ aircraft.

This new midsize Latitude is currently undergoing flying tests for certifications in the second half of 2015. In August, the airline began delivery of the modernised, super-medium-sized Challenger 350, and the refurbished Challenger 650 in the large cab is scheduled to be delivered in the second trimester of 2015. Embraer enters the mid-size segment in October when it begins shipping the brand new Fly-by-Wire Legacy 500.

Legacy 450, the short, medium legacy, is in test flying for August 2015 certifications. Such aircraft are critical to increasing Embraer's overall aircraft penetration. After five years of economic downturn, business Aviation is showing indications of recovering, but is still humble and diverse. However, because of the switch to bigger aircraft, the projected value of consignments will rise to 147.9 billion dollars, from 136 billion dollars.

Consequently, Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream will expand their respective markets at the cost of Cessna and Embraer. Measured in the number of turbines aircraft supplied, Textron Aviation founded the last three months of 2014 in February with the merger of Cessna and Beechcraft, which was well ahead of the sector in figures but well behind the leading companies Gulfstream and Bombardier in transaction volumes.

With the PC-12, Pilatus is hoping to convert its achievements in the PC-12 turbo-prop singles supply segment into a PC-24 lightweight jet segment that is scheduled to take to the air in 2015, with the goal of achieving certifications in 2017.

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