747 Vip for Sale

747 Vip offered for sale

Now you can life great like an emir of an oil-rich emirate by purchasing this VVIP 747SP. Sitting for all your flunkies? The 747SP, an unbelievably neat example of one of the most popular airliners in the airline industry, is for sale. At the heart of the Qatari Royal Flight for two centuries, its interior mirrors this singular and flamboyant heritage. According to this ad on Controller.

com there are also 12 first-rate seats, 18 busier classic and 31 tourists classic seating.

The 747SP is also fitted with its own flying away kits, including two replacement motors, an accessory genset, two replacement tailwheels and two replacement headworms. JT9D's latest JT9D has over 55,000 hrs and the highest hourly output over 75,000 hrs.

The USAF's solid C-5 galaxy, with its TF39 derived from the same power plant, is even undergoing a re-engineering programme (C-5M programme) to conserve fuel and increase dependability. This model was developed to provide a greater reach than the 747-100, so it lost its height (and weight). The 747SP was the longest cross-country aircraft in the history of the company until the next 747-400 was introduced in 1989.

This made the plane an appealing VVIP conversion for sovereigns who wanted the King's Highness the King of Heaven, but also a longer cruising distance, higher speed transits and better airport performances than their full-size cockins. Among these are NASA's air observation service SOFIA and the Pratt and Whitney jet power test system. Ernest Angley Ministries owns and operates one of these and Sands Corp. of Las Vegas operates another.

Qatari royalty has little interest in retaining an almost ancient 747SP, mainly because it will supply two of the world's biggest and most powerful new VVIP planes, the Boeing 747-8i BBJ. Costs for the plane alone amount to around 360 million US dollar, and the calculation of the costly cabin, specialized communication system and a whole series of other custom izations, the prize ballons to well over half a billion US dollar.

What does the 747SP, affectionately cared for by Qatar, cost? "But for the connection, other VIP dramaturgy 747SP obsessed and run by Fry's Electronics was recently catalogued at single $2. 5M, and it had inferior motor case than the Katari vertebrate (though it is doubtful that the intuition could compete). It' gonna be a very bad last launch of the 747SP.

Qatari 747SP vendors were approached by the war zone, but refused to make any other information or photographs available at that point.

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