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Gelbes Taxi Telephone No.

The Yellow Cab must be held accountable! And no surprises at the prices of the Uber Lyft, NEMT minima. You must verify your phone number before making a booking. the DC Tourist Attractions; DC Taxicab Commission.

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Works as a telephone operator for Yellow Cab Company: staff evaluations

Also, it is a support store and many clients are not the kindest. If I had to respond to telephones, collect documents and deliver them to the clients, all walk-ins would also be done by me. I' ve broadened my capabilities in serving clients and learnt how to deal with many challenging consumer-driver relationships.

It gave me the chance to educate others and acquire new tracing capabilities with the introduction of a new automatic tracing and disposition system. I' m getting along fine with my employees in the offices. Does this review help you find out more about working at Yellow Cab Company? This has been a fast-paced business and a young, new group of employees.

All we did in the offices when the firm was employed was answer a 6-line phone to give customers information about getting a taxi or making a reservation. Their information was entered into the computer as quickly as possible so that they could go to the next rider in the area required by the customer.

There would be medicinal coupons for some customers and coupons for some customers who need help to be collected and possibly transferred to another area. Gift certificate information would have to be recorded in laptops and passed on to the taxi business owner on a weekly basis. Taxi driver got more money for coupons because it went through the federal system.

Employees would recognise a particular phone number on the calling party ID and not respond because they are customers who are difficult to comprehend. Customer may be Hispanic, or may have had a seizure and was difficult to comprehend what he was saying. It felt good for me because I was the only one who would ever try to help customers get a taxi.

Most difficult part of the work was working with people who would do their part to answer the telephones. A few employees brought their assignments with them or spoke on their mobile phone instead of going to corporate telephones. At work on them, what I learnt is great telephone communication, patient with customers and never letting me get angry when it took a taxi operator too long to get to them (sometimes we were really busy).

My reason for liking the position was that it was simple and most employees liked being there. I had to have our luncheon while I talked to the client and typed their information into the computer. The Yellow Cab gave the chance to see individuals from different races and the company managed to be very thoughtful, some of the client could get a little out of control, but if you have good communicative abilities it is not difficult to satisfy them overall.

A great family business where you can work! Best taxi service you can work for in Charleston. We have a strong client list, so you can get to know many of them. However, if you have the ability to handle angry and sometimes drunk clients and occasionally cry out for a profane attitude on weekends, this might be the right position for you.

It will take a normal working afternoon 16 hour because employees will choose to make last-minute calls. I have learnt to say that "NO" employees smoke too much and very irresponsibly. Harder part of the job that deals with the no-shows of clients and riders crying when they don't come.

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