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Team Jet Air | Welcome to Jet Air As the most seasoned Learjet charters company in the Greater London area, Jet Air received the Air Carrier Certificate # CWUA072D from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in 1979. Our small, enterprise-class cabins are our flag ship, an 8-person Learjet. Headquartered in Çincinnati, Jet Air acts as the global commercial air transportation division for two global companies, providing us with a uniquely deep insight into the needs essential to the proper transportation of you and your critical people.

You are also invited to board a personal plane for a one-day stroll through the shops, a week-end excursion or a well-earned holiday. Delivering in a first rate manner.

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JetTunnel? is a turn-key dryer system for the fast-moving goods industry. Air ioniser ION3 is a non-water based system for flushing tanks in packing line. Two-in-One SureCode? drys before it prints to guarantee code accuracy. MassJet? dehydration tunnels are a complete system for dry containers in either bulky or multi-track (non-single-track) mode.

PowderJet? is a turn-key system that blows and sucks off powders from the products. RinseDry? is the perfect two-in-one tank treatment system for washing and desiccating in a row. The Jet series radial fans are highly efficient and small, making them perfect for air meter use.

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In order to really master the most difficult and challenging tasks, it begins with a way of thinking. As your task grows, lasts longer and requires more... you need equipment you can rely on. Pneumatic air powered tooling designed to meet any requirement. The JET pneumatic tool. Designed for overtime. The R12 Series air tool ing is designed for use on challenging 12-hour working conditions and is designed to cope with the most challenging tasks.

Developed for overtime, these hand held moulds offer the superlative rigidity and endurance required in a broad spectrum of uses. The R8 Series is a premium 8-hour tool for everyday use in challenging situations and settings, with added functionality for increased performance, security and convenience. The R6 Series is rugged, high performance and can stand up to common and tough use, can work 6 hours a day and do the work.

In order to demonstrate this, we support every air pressure die named JET with a lifelong guarantee. JET's life -long warranty is valid for the entire life of the JET products without end date. JET's life warranty extends to manufacturing faults but not to fraud, abuse, accident, neglect, deterioration, improper repairs or modifications.

All air tool repairs will be covered by JET, which will include parts and labour for the first year of use. JET's Wear & Tear insurance does not extend to fraud, abuse, accident, neglect, mishandling, repairs or modifications.

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