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The Aircraft Shopper Online is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source for aircraft lists. With ten tips for buying your ideal private helicopter. Owning a helicopter - Ten tips for buying your ideal private helicopter. Airplane Barracuda, airplane do-it-yourself, experimental airplane project. Pre-buy inspection of an aircraft is your chance to explore and investigate every aspect of your potential investment.

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An airplane pre-buy is your opportunity to explore and examine every facet of your prospective investments. Advance purchase should involve a thorough examination of the airplane's physical and cosmetical state. Furthermore, the airplane's current position must be examined.

The FAA recordings of the aeroplane are also kept up to date. One often ignored stage of the pre-buy is the investigation of which STC's are lawfully mounted on the plane. Purchasing an airplane is an important obligation that should be examined thoroughly. That is especially important when purchasing a used airplane.

Please review these hints on purchasing a used airplane before considering a sale. 8050-3 - Actual aeroplane record, completed on the back, autographed and sent to FAA.

Top 20 Tips For Purchasing An Aircraft

Purchasing an aircraft can be a formidable job, but if you have a roadmap and are following it, the whole thing can be much less hectic. Keeping this in view, here are 20 hints for purchasing an aircraft that will help you get from dream to ownership. There is no emotion that corresponds to the purchase of an aircraft.

When you are like most aviators, you have been spending weeks - and maybe even years - thinking about the dream of the ideal plane, what it would look like and what you would do with it. You have probably also come to the conclusion that the purchase of an aircraft is not an an easy one. However, with the right amount of preparedness, the right amount of know-how and some good fortune, the purchase of an aircraft can be a pleasant and worthwhile one.

In order to help you become a happy and experienced buyer of airplanes, we have compiled our 20 best buy hints for airplanes. No matter whether you're considering purchasing new or used, these puzzles of knowledge will help you search in the wilderness of plane shoppers. Although the starting cost of a new plane gives the impression that purchasing it is a better option, think again.

Purchasing new cars allows you to lower the interest rate on your purchases (interest rate is usually subsidised by the manufacturer), fund the aircraft for a longer period of your life and benefit from possible fiscal advantages. Credits for new aircraft are usually easy to obtain, and down payment is usually lower than for a used aircraft.

In some cases you may be amazed that it may make more sense to buy new products than used ones. She began her flying education with the intent of purchasing a plane; she has a Privat Pilotencertifikat. He wanted something fashionable, secure and quick. What's with the plane? Before she received her evaluation of the instruments, she used the plane mainly for fun, now she also uses it for commercial purposes.

Ownership groups are one of the best information resources for potential purchasers of an aeroplane, but few aeroplane purchasers ever consider joining them before purchasing. LSA manufacturers are also adopting many of the innovative features found in off-the-shelf aeroplanes, among them composite materials, more powerful motors, car-like restraint systems and LEDs.

Enterprises like Flight Design, American Legend and others make some of the most beloved new airplanes, and now Cessna and Piper are on the scene with the Skycatcher and PiperSport. Most of these new airplanes feature 2,000 hour Turbo engines, panes of glas and all types of cutting-edge security functions, all ranging from $100,000 to $150,000.

Far too many flyers have a "rough idea" of what they want to pay, and then gradually increase the number when they find future planes that are just above their monetary targets. In 1998 he learnt to pilot and earn his master's in economics, then began developing an ideas for a website that would allow the user to access a unified resource for airplane research and comparison.

It' s most powerfull features is the possibility for the user to get information about a certain plane from different source. Buy A Plane Kit is a great place to get your plane finder started. If you register (for free), you will receive all kinds of information, as well as a buyer's guideline on how to buy, fund and secure your plane.

Kits include vendor contact information to request more information about a future glider and advice on purchasing options such as navigational tools and headset. Did you ever surf the pages of our selling website and fall in favour of a certain one? Professionals in aviation brokerage suggest that you remain separate from any future plane - yes, that's simpler said than done.

Say to yourself, "It's someone else's plane. In particular, this applies to the purchase of a new aeroplane. Keep in mind that it's a salesman's task to make sure you want the plane, so take his punch with a little scepticism. Note the performance setting of the cruising and the speed you see on the plane that particular date.

In calm conditions, a 130-knot plane will cover 300 mph in about two hrs and 18 min. With 150 kn, the plane will make this journey in two and a half hour - about 18 min later. Purchasers must keep in mind that these additional 20 nodes will add 20% to 30% or more to the airfare, plus higher aviation fuels, insurances and servicing.

Even though the detail should be reviewed with your accountant, purchasers can profit from the commercial use of their plane. When you can use authorized "business use" discounts, you can make a lot of savings - especially on new purchases. Among other things, you can use an aeroplane for commercial purposes to make write-offs and make payments for use with input taxes.

Contact your accountant: it could help you safe tens of millions of dollars. Youi is a highly qualified asset management firm who has recently fallen in love with aviation. However, he was shut down by the way tenants handled the plane, and he wanted something that matched his five-meter-high framework. Buying quickly, without a preemptive check, he reeled in more for repair than he was paying for the plane.

He buys a holiday home in Big Bear and looks forward to fly there from Santa Monica (about 80 nm). What do you mean?

However, the issue is that few purchasers fully appreciate the subtleties of aviation finance, let alone the processes themselves. With the purchase of an aeroplane or chopper, the largest funding element is not whether the aeroplane is new or used, but the amount funded. Whether the plane is new or used doesn't make any difference.

" Purchasers should be advised that "used" is more accurately described as "recently used" as there is no lending by majorstream financiers to planes that are too old. Interested parties should be familiar with the fundamental prerequisites for qualifying for aviation funding. This example is based on a new or used (20 year old or newer) aircraft:

Airplanes are big objects. Each of the creditors we talked to advised that purchasers receive a prequalification before purchasing an airline. Advance approval gives purchasers the opportunity to be agile and react quickly to a good transaction when it matters. The majority of aviation loans are subscribed by non-credit providers banking institutions.

In the following you will find two financial institutions that specialise in airplane credit and are well known in the sector. Together they represent useful and relevant information for potential purchasers and have a wide range of funding programmes. It has a long tradition in the aerospace sector and offers excellent opportunities to find out about or apply for airplane financings.

AirFleet, headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia, provides personal and corporate credit for everything from single-engine piston to large jetliners. It has a long tradition of supplying financial solutions to the airline industry. The AirFleet is a partnership with various airline companies. This includes a Beechcraft plant leasing programme, Mooney and Piper manufacturing finance partnership, Bell Helicopter 360 Ownership Programme finance assistance and partnership with I fly America and the EAA.

Torr provides on-line finance offerings, credit requests and a wide range of credit programmes for different airplanes. Often the romance of ownership of an aeroplane obscures the facts. The best way to look at the actual cost of purchasing an aeroplane in a realistic way is to see the figures in a table that can contain computations for each variant of firm and floating cost.

It is important that you know the story of the plane before making a decision to buy. Searching the web for a future plane is simple. When you buy used, order a FAA Form 437s on your future plane; these will show larger repair and modifications. You will need the plane No. and Series No. if you are doing it yourself.

THEY RECEIVE THE FINANCIAL APPROVAL EARLY IN THE PROCESS. New or used, it's important to know what you can buy and what the banks will borrow from you (provided you get a credit for the purchase). Advance approvals allow you to focus on locating the right plane and make an immediate quote when you find it.

Buying a good deal can get in your way if another purchaser shows up while you are trying to find it. It is not always straightforward to find dealers' inducements, but the fact is that it is currently and in the near term a buyer's buy in the aviation area. In order to find these incentive schemes, the key is to build a relation with an airline agent or research single vendors.

Retailers are also available to help, so do your housework before you begin your purchase. Since he was confined to bed with a health problem, he built model airplanes to kill him. When Salinas was practicing, he chose to buy a plane. What do you mean? Buy a plane like a set of boots; the plane must match the aviator.

Do you know that you can buy for insurances in two ways: through a realtor dealing with several different types of asset managers, or by buying on the web? Whilst the web is certainly comfortable, pro airplane traders recommend that you use a brokers. Purchasers should take out early enough insurances. Obtain insurances and find out more about airplane insurances through sites like

While there are on-line resources for airplane rating, most levy a commission. Evaluation utilities evaluate a particular airplane precisely, using several different parameters. At the time of purchase of an airplane, the resulting value should be used as a general area. Vref Prize Leader information can be obtained free of cost by AOPA members at Put in simple terms, having an airplane with just one more passenger will halve all that.

Since most of us do not use an aeroplane every single night or even every single weekend, it makes good economic sense to share the operating expenses with a business associate. Another new concept is "cooperative ownership", in which cheap airplanes are jointly used at both low initial and low operating prices. When buying airplanes, purchasers often neglect the expense of equipment.

Those add-ons could significantly increase your endpoint. As an example, this glossy new acrobatic aircraft requires a few chutes that can potentially be up to $3,000. Maybe you'll equip a four-seater with high-quality AVR headset for all your travelers - that's a $4,000 dollar rate sign. They were looking for a quick plane for common travels to see their families in Texas.

What do you mean? It is a very secure plane (no aeroplanes that are displayed on the cell - never). It was in very good shape and met the requirements of its missions. This plane meets all his needs, and he thinks it is the ideal plane. EIGHTEEN A THOROUGH TELEPHONE EXAMINATION BEFORE VIEWING AN AEROPLANE.

Purchasers should do everything in their powers to ensure that the plane in which they are interested is actually the plane for selling. Again, a basic browser based cookie cut of the N-number will provide important information about the plane and its owners. WITH 19 NEW AIRPLANES, YOU DETERMINE IN ADVANCE WHICH ADVANCED EQUIPMENT YOU NEED. Although most riders immediately consider "retractable equipment" a must for better flight performances, today's shoppers need to reconsider this attitude.

Pay attention to each and every one of the options and the prices it has. TWENTY, USE "ALTERNATIVE" WELLS TO FIND YOUR PLANE. The majority of individuals use the same resource when purchasing an aircraft:,,, Plane dealer, etc. Occasionally, a salesperson doesn't even notice that he or she wants to resell until someone asks to buy the person's plane.

Browse through the pages devoted to a specific aircraft model, as members are usually able to look after their aircraft in a religious manner and provide show-quality copies. Co-operating with a reputable brokers is another way to ensure that you see everything on the open markets. A knowledgeable, willing purchaser and a highly committed, sincere vendor are the perfect match in the aircraft world.

No matter whether you are considering a newly built aircraft, a LSA certificated aircraft or a softly deployed aircraft, adhering to a check list will help you get a better night's rest once the paperwork is completed and the keys are in your hands. "Making off-the-cuff" purchasing choices, purchasing "until it really does feel right" and "letting the plane find me" sounds good on tape, but are safe ways to feel remorse after a purchasing choice.

Get prepared, study and have everything you need so that when the flawless plane shows up, you are prepared to make the choice fast enough to achieve a lot. The purchase of an aircraft is one of the most important choices you will make as a flight attendant. Scouts had it right when they designed their Motto-one, which is just as good for a plane purchase:

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