Macbook Air latest Model

Newest Macbook Air model

The Retina display and mini frame are prepared for the new model. Publication Date, Specifications, Pricing and Current Rumors Rumors are circulating that Apple will unveil the new MacBook Air 2018 in October of this year. MacBook Air 2018 is expected to have a Retina screen, sleeker front frames, a quicker CPU, and Touch ID, allowing it to once again rival today' notebooks. However, it is possible that the new Apple notebook is not really a newcomer to the Air line, but the first of a whole new series.

As the Air was initially described as the slimmest MacBook ever, the notebook's USP has now been surpassed by the MacBook 12-inch 2016 default, making it somewhat superfluous. This means that Apple's new Apple laptops could be a follow-up to the MacBook Air and MacBook MacBook Macs, at a more accessible cost than what Apple currently has on them.

We' ve searched the web to present you with the latest rumors about the great MacBook Air. As the MacBook Air did not show up during the Apple'Gather Round' launching ceremony, Bloomberg now proposes that the new Air be launched later this year. It' s likely that we will see a Mac related special show in October, featuring both the new Air Notebook and Mac min.

One of the most fascinating things about the new MacBook Air is the cost. Now that MacBook is more or less thin, the product line needs a new differentiator, and the cost could be it. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known business researcher, expects the new ultra-portable computer to be less expensive than the most affordable model available, despite a number of upgrades to its specifications.

We don't expect the new Air to be exactly low priced, but hopefully it will take a little break from the £1249 launch of the recently heralded MacBook Pro 13-inch. Most interesting thing we've ever learnt about the new MacBook Air is that it may include a 13-inch Retina screen (as featured in Bloomberg), a premiere for the line-up.

Even though the actual 13-inch air definition is 1440×900, a retina screen could mean a definition of up to 2560×1600 for a similar sized PC - a fairly large upshot. Also, the front frames of the new Air should be significantly leaner than previous Airs, which should help make Apple's new look for laptops fits into the remainder of the 2018 set.

Apart from these changes to the display, we also expect an increase in specifications internally over the present air. Today's product line is powered by Intel fifth edition CPUs, but rumors suggest that the new Air could take over Intel's recently released U-Series or Y-Series eighth edition laptops. Intel's new U-Series processor, codenamed Whiskey Lake, would be a significant leap forward compared to the MacBook Air's latest line.

If Apple really wants to limit the new MacBook Air's portable aspect ratio, it might choose the Y-Series Amber Lake processors as an alternative. This certainly smacks of the MacBook Air, and since there are rumors that it's available at a (reasonably) low cost, then an Amber Lake CPU probably makes the most difference between the two.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple researcher, has proposed that the new MacBook Air will also feature Touch ID, so you can get to an Air notebook faster than ever before. Unfortunately, Kuo has excluded the ability to create a Touch Bar on the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro. However, this is no real suprise when you consider that the new Air is announced as the low-cost optional in Apple's notebook series.

Otherwise, the recently released MacBook Pros 2018 should give you a good picture of what you can look forward to from the new MacBook Air, featuring a keypad that's quiet and dust-proof, and better integrated with the Siri Speech Wizard. Elsewhere, we anticipate that the new Air will capture the capabilities of the remaining MacBook product line, which includes Force Touch (included in the 2015 MacBook Pro and new MacBooks) and USB-C connectivity. 2.

We' d rather have the Air integrate this connector with other more traditionally styled connectors as opposed to the new MacBook, but if the Air line-up is about convenience, we wouldn't let it pass Apple to reduce the laptop to the essential. iPhone X's Face ID can also be an great way for iPhone X customers to simply activate a MacBook Air before use, although we don't anticipate it being on its way to MacBook in the near future.

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