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From London you can book a day trip to Australia and decide to travel directly to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. It is also possible to stop in Hong Kong or Singapore to enjoy a breath of Asia on your way. Our one-world partnership allows you to find flights from Los Angeles and benefit from an extensive Australian airline coverage - so you can explore Brisbane, Perth or Cairns.

Whether your adventures start in the Outback, you want to marvel at the Uluru with stars or enjoy gold Brisbane beach, you'll find it all. Explore its world-class landmarks, buy in luxury shopping centres and attractive marketplaces or relax on gold sands. Rent a rental vehicle and drive onto the Great Ocean Road to enjoy the landscape of the Great Ocean Pine Area.

Stop off in Sydney with its legendary emblems and sun-drenched banks. Walk through the neon-lit Kowloon in Hong Kong and admire the city's renowned skin. Discover the skyscraper-lined roads of bustling Hong Kong Island and glistening Kowloon. Continue on to Sydney and see the city's legendary Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Rent a Perth rental vehicle and head to Cottesloe Beach behind the vibrant downtown. Explore Singapore - where tall towers of sky scrapers and supermalls converge with luxuriant parks and fine sands. Dive into the flourishing arts and musical scenes of Brisbane. Rent a rental vehicle and follow the breathtaking Great Sunshine Way, stop at picturesque Fraser Island and the Noosa National Park.

Take pictures of the Opera House as you drive through Sydney docks. Continue on to Hong Kong and buy in luxurious shopping centres or lively overnight marketplaces, then eat with a view of the famed Victoria harbor. Enjoy the breathtaking Hong Kong skies as you stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue. Flight to Sydney and see the renowned sail-shaped opera.

Hike in the Blue Mountains National Park. Brisbane, with its angular and vibrant arts landscape, is the place to go before setting off along the Great Sunshine Way to the Gold Coast and Noosa National Park. Travel from Sydney to Brisbane along the Australia's Pacific Highway - one of the country's most iconic journeys, stretching 600 kilometres along a beautiful coastline.

You will reach Port Stephens, Port Macquarie and then continue to the Gold Coast's renowned surf beaches: Finish your journey in Brisbane, a city open to the world with 283 solar panels every year. Travel to Melbourne just South from sunny Sydney and take Canberra with you. Prior to leaving Sydney, travel upcountry, a little further to the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Return to the coastline, go snorkelling in the famed Bateman's Bay and watch a kangaroo surf at Pebbly Beach. Driving into the interior, you can stop in Canberra, the relaxed city. Travel to Brisbane and experience the Queensland tropic climate. Brisbane is the starting point for a trip to the holiday village of Airlie Beach, where fabulous trips to the Whitsunday Islands are waiting for you.

Airlie Beach offers a scenic daily trip up the coastline to Cairns, the gate to the Great Barrier Reef. Take a sunny ride over Sydney Harbour or eat at chandelier-lit Melbourne inns. Off the beaten track, wander palm-fringed sandy shores at Cairns and observe the moonrise over the sea in Broome.

Swim, windsurf and game in Sydney so you can go to Taronga Zoo to see more than 2,900 tropical and indigenous wildlife. Enjoy dining under the starry sky in sub-tropical Brisbane and head further north from the Darwin multi-cultural cafes. Experience dramas, plays, and classic music in Melbourne's sparkling venues or join Sydney's Nighthawks in laser-lit Darling Harbour nightclubs.

Adelaide Art Festivals offer drama and operas and Perth offers young artists performing there.

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