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The CAB Direct is a reference source for applied life sciences, comprising two bibliographic databases: Abstracts of CAB and Global Health. Stay up to date with the latest news from the taxi industry, get involved with us and other taxi drivers. Latest tweets from Cab Direct (@cabdirect). Stay up to date with the latest news from the taxi industry, get involved with us and other taxi drivers.

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It is a browseable data base generated by CABI. It is made up of 600 books of hardcopy abstract papers, which are the collective and publication scholarly researches from 1910 to 1972, and then digitised to create the archives. More than 1.8 million data sets from the fields of farming, animal health, food and the enviroment are contained in this archival data base.

The thematic areas also include bio-diversity, crop protection, pollutants, livestock health (including zoonoses), diet and human consumption. Managing resources involves raising plants and animals. Abstracts Archive is also referenced in other database systems that also act as APs. Those other data bases are CAB Direct, Web of Knowledge, EBSCOhost, OvidSP and Dialog.

Following printing logs (digitized) include the CAB abstracts archive: Livestock Breeding abstracts, Dairy Science and Dairy Science abstract, Field Culture abstract, Forest Science abstract, Horticultural Science abstract, Nematological abstract, Nutrition abstract and Reviews Series A: Human and Experimental, Nutrition abstract and Reviews Series B: Nutrition and feeding of animals, plant breeding abstract, review of agricultural entomology, review of medical and veterinarian mycology, review of plant pathology, review of medical and veterinarian entomology, review of plant pathology, soils and fertilizers, tropical veterinarian bulletin, veterinarian bulletin and weed abstract.

Compiled from CAB Abstracts, Web site is an abstract data base that focuses on public studies on broadleaf plants and fungicides. These include grass biological science, which covers research areas from genetic to ecological, and include parent eral, toxic, immunogenic and aqueous plants. Other information covers all issues related to controlling grass plants, both in crops and outside crops.

Bulletin des maladies tropicales (1912-83), Abstracts on Hygiene and communicableases ( (1926-83), Review of Veterinary and Medical Entomology (1913-72), Review of Veterinary and Medical Mycology (1943-72) Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (1931-72) et Helminthological Abstracts (1932-72). Topics include general heath, tropic and infectious disease, nutrition, parasitology, entomology and mycology. EBSCOhost, Thomson Reuters, CAB Direct, OvidSP, Dialog, Dimdi and the OvidSP. The full-text version of the database is available in the following databases: Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters), CAB Direct, EBSCOhost.

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