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Reservation of tickets

Booking a train seemed problematic in the past when you had to go to information offices and stations to book tickets. Ticket & Reservation Type a current location number or a current town. Begin here to find out more about how and where to get your ticket touring. Take your journey full with a full service accommodation, hire cars, holiday insurances and more. However, if your itinerary changes, you will find here the detail of how to do this.

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Making a reservation for an Indian Railways train

Bewildered about how to make a reservation for Indian Railways for rail trips in India? The Indian Railways require reservation for all categories except the general category. You can make a reservation either on-line, in person via a local tourist office or at the Indian Railways reservation desk.

Booking on-line is done through the complicated and time-consuming IRCTC on-line Passenger Reservation website. As an alternative, websites such as Cleartrip.com, Makemytrip.com and Yatra.com now also provide on-line reservation services for trains. Since May 2016, overseas visitors have been able to book and purchase on the IRCTC website complimentary ticket sales with the use of multiple ticket sales.

Atom, a new on-line and portable payment system, makes this possible. Aliens, however, must have an Indian Railways certified bank balance. It can now be concluded immediately on-line with an internationally available cellular number and e-mail as well as a 100 Rupees application charge. Please also be aware that Indian Railways now allows non-residents to make on-line reservations under the Foreign Tourist Quota with effect from July 2017.

Here's a step-by-step tour to help you make reservations through the services of your local company. When you want to make an on-line booking and have not yet signed up, first go to the IRCTC website and sign up (here are the procedures for Native Americans and foreigners). On the IRCTC website, India Railways has launched a new "Plan My Journey" feature.

Specify the stop-off point you want to leave from, the stop-off point you want to go to, and your itinerary. You can differentiate between different types of trips. Choose the required rail and fare you wish to use ( and, if applicable, the rate ) and verify bed availabilities.

They can also see the price of the ticket. When there is no available on your particular specific service, it will be displayed as Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) or Waiting List (WL). When RAC is your state, you can still reserve a ticket and get a place on the rail, but not necessarily a berth, unless there are enough cancels.

When booking a waiting list ticket, you are not permitted to get on the bandwagon unless there are enough cancellation requests to vacate a place or beds. If you have found a convenient locomotive, click on the "Book now" button under "Availability". This will take you to the ticket reservation page, where you will be informed by e-mail of the particulars of the train you have chosen.

Complete the passengers data and pay. Similar processes can be conducted without registration on the Indian Railways passenger reservation enquiry website. A Indian Railways at a Glance schedule is available to help you, although it does require some navigation! When you have found a move, make a list of its name and number.

So if you already have your rail data and live in India, click on the "Quick Book" tabs at the top right of the page next to "Plan My Trip". When you are a non-national, click on the "Services" button on the top of your computer display on the top right -hand side of the menus - and choose "Foreign Tourist Ticket Booking".

Fill in all necessary data for the trains. Choose E-Ticket (electronic ticket) and click "Submit". Fill out the online reservation request page, then browse down to the "Payment Options" section at the bottom of the page. We will process your order and send you a reservation receipt. You can print them out and take them with you when you go.

You can find more information in this IRCTC E-Ticket Booking Guide or Quick Ticket Booking Guide. When you book over the desk, please printout the reservation sheet. Fill in the reservation request and bring it to a reservation desk. You can also request a reservation request in our offices and fill it in.

Note that you must use US Dollar, British Pound, Euro or Rupee in India and a redemption slip when buying a ticket. Booking requests made both prescription-free and on-line are given a 10-digit number. Alternatively, if you have a ticket for either WL or WAC, you can verify the IRCTC website ticket information by selecting "Verify Passenger Information Status" under "Requests" and then typing in your Passenger Information Number.

When you are on the waiting list, you have the best chances of getting a berth in the sleeping car category, as most berths (and therefore cancellations) are in that category. Is your waiting ticket for the Indian Railway valid? Quick Book" is deactivated from 8 a.m. until midday. Instead, select "Ticket booking" under "Services" during this period.

Reservations should be made as early as possible (up to 120 calendar nights before departure), especially during the busy periods. Otherwise, you must be ready to be adaptable to your travelling schedule and accommodations. We recommend that you reserve your ticket on-line to prevent the often tedious red tape and disorganized number.

This can be done by using the Indian Railways train at a glance. There are a number of quotas operated by Indian Railways. Reservations can be made last minutes through a "Tatkal" contingent on some of the most beloved services, with bed availability 24 hrs in advance for reservations (previously 5 days).

Checking the uptime of both rates can be done by checking the uptime of your preferred service on the Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Inquiry website. Timed postings are open at 10am. Follow these instructions to make Tatkal postings on-line. Information on the name and number of the service, place of entry and exit and category of journey.

Loan or charge cards (for on-line bookings). Booking forms (for reservations through the counter).

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