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Find out more about the prices & costs associated with private jet charter. Air charter costs and pricing Principles Calculable flying time - On the basis of the airplane's rates per hour and the number of flying lessons. Surcharge - Charge varies by airplane model, range and fuelling costs. Cruise Fee - Daily Money, Hotels, Food, etc.

Landing, Handling and Ancillary Fee - Rates differ by airplane model, airfield and other detail.

Excise duty (FET) - 7.5% duty on all fares on home air travel. Would you like more details on these rates and other useful information? This is an exemplary break-down of the costs for chartering a plane from LA to Aspen, return flight: The sampling shows all expected costs associated with the mean aircraft lease rate.

The biggest expenditure is of course the flying fee. What is the procedure for determining the chargeable flying period? Billiable airtime charges make up most of the costs for chartering privately owned jets. The chargeable flying period is the period in the air plus incremental relocation charges and/or changes to the initial flying period each day. Earlier times on the floor do not account for the chargeable flying period.

Booking a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Flying in a Light Jet takes about 1 hour. As most planes have a 2 hour per day flying limit, your chargeable hour can be billed as follows: Following hourly prices provide a bandwidth of prices for aircrafts within each main class.

The precise fares for certain aeroplanes within each category are different:

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