Agua Dulce Airpark

Dulce Agua Airpark

At the Agua Dulce Airpark, Favian Moro feels angry. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews at the Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA. ip=" mw-headline" id="Facilities_and_aircraft">Einrichtungen und Flugzeuge[a href="/w/index.php?title=Agua_Dulce_Airpark&

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Agua Dulce began planning an airfield in 1958. Robert W. Lillibridge, airplane modifications technician, and Errol Williams, Northrop test pilots, bought the free space for the area. During the 1990s, Los Angeles County inhabitants struggled against Los Angeles County's attempts to buy the Airpark and transform it into a provincial airport.[3] In October 2005, former airfield operator Barry Kirschner resold the estate to Wayne and Connie Spears,[4] Spears Manufacturing[3] and Spears Motorsports proprietors.

It was used as a location for filming[5] for a number of different types of project, among them: Macgyver TV show used the airfield as "Sparrow Ridge Airport", Arizona, in Squadron 1, Sequence 7, "Last Stand" (1985). The 1989 movie The Wizard featured the Power Glove scenes shot at the airfield. Roswell " TV show used this in at least five sequences, over three echelons (1999-2002):

Petrol filling stations and the outdoor café area in the 1st seasons, the backdrop of the aerodrome and the inside of the café in the 2nd seasons, the mound facing the take-off in the 3rd seasons. Bones (Season 10, 2014) was shot at the airfield.

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Dulce Agua Airpark - Santa Clarita - Airport

I had a great time with my relatives and boyfriends! Me and Mindy have to go up to Grandpa Larry's N3N too! I had a great time with my relatives and boyfriends! Me and Mindy have to go up to Grandpa Larry's N3N too! Fantastic fly-in to Agua Dulce with Del Amo Flyers on Saturday!

Please click on the following links for more pictures and a brief video of Thao's return in a Nanchang! Saturday youth flying adventure at Agua Duce airport! A fantastic group of children received an initiation to the thrilling flying environment from some of our locals...a varied and gifted group of General Aeronautics flyers, civil aeronautics technicians, mechanical technicians, air traffic controllers and more.

Many thanks to the Agua Dulce Airport Association for organizing a great meeting for the children! Our address is ?? Agua Dulce Airport!!!!!!!!

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