Exclusive Jet Charter

Jet Charter Exclusive

We are a private jet charter company with decades of experience, which brings you safely, reliably and comfortably to your destination without advance purchase costs. Aircraft charter services are offered to a variety of corporate jet operators. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents

Offering a full range of service from one-time flat rate charter to multiple airline membership and airplane maintenance programs. Hopefully I'll see you aboard an Xclusive soon and welcome you. Dependable and convenient, this class of airplane offers an excellent choice for short journeys. There is space for up to 8 persons in lightweight jetliners.

Most of the lightweight aircraft developed for short, local service have restricted freedom of flight throughout the cab. Featuring plenty of cab room freedom and a fully closed toilet, the mid-size jet offers excellent value for money for 4-5 hours of driving. With the ability to fly transatlantically, large aircraft are the non plus ultra in terms of domestic traffic.

All of our airplane asset managment capabilities are engineered to deliver the tooling, expertise, and supervisory functions to help you realize the full value of your airplane property. You can even include your airplane in our Air Operator Certificate and, if you wish, make it available for charter by third parties, which will help you achieve a substantial ROI to compensate for your own operational expenses and overhead.

Xclusive gives you full visibility into your finances and a breakdown of your expenditure and earnings according to your needs. We are able to offer our customers favourable conditions for insurances, ground services and consumable materials such as petrol and caterers. From preparation and follow-up work to planned and unscheduled servicing, we take care of all associated servicing work on your airplane.

It is our team's job to make sure that your plane is fully operational. To maximize the effectiveness and profitability of your aircrafts, we handle all air traffic and crewing for you. Recruiting, recruiting and training for your plane are our top priority. For us, the secure and reliable functioning of your aircrafts is of utmost importance.

If you wish, we can include your airplane in our AOC and make it available for charter by third parties, which will help you achieve a substantial return on your investment to compensate for your own operational expenses and expenses. Whether it's last-minute restaurants, sold-out events or tailor-made routes, our Xclusive Concierge Services are engineered to provide you with an individual experience.

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