Mac Book Air new

New Mac Book Air

Like Apple secrets, details about the new laptop are rare. With new iPhones, iPad professionals and watches expected, Apple is in the process of updating much of its product line. The re-designed MacBook Air is just around the corner, not in the morning.

With new iPhones, iPad professionals and watches in the pipeline, Apple is in the process of updating much of its family. The MacBook Air is not likely to be announced as an update in the future. We expect the retailer to launch an enhanced release of this inexpensive laptops, but not before the end of the year. MacBook Air was released in 2010, and since then Apple has only made modest improvements.

Not even a retina monitor is available in the latest release. Instead, the 13.3-inch monitor has a 1440 x 900 pixel solution, which is only 128 pixel per inches (.ppi). By way of illustration: the MacBook Pro's identically sized monitor has 227pi. A number of rumours in recent weeks suggest that Apple is at last adding a Retina monitor to MacBook Air 2018.

It is said that this unit will have the same 13.3 inch monitor scale, and the screens around the monitor will contract, but this will somehow not influence the overall lap top will be. The Apple could let the outside of this computer alone, but the bezel shrinks, making room for a bigger monitor, perhaps 14-inch.

Or, the idea could be to keep the 13.3-inch display and shrink the edges of the display, which would make it possible to make the entire notebook a little smaller. Apple will allegedly be adding a Touch ID to this unit, but not the full Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro. MacBook Air's $999 prize will probably not rise, at least not very much.

Previously, Apple tried to substitute this MacBook with a 1299 dollar MacBook without succeed. On the other hand, we already know almost everything about the Apple telephones, trays and clocks that will be presented later. Also, Apple has no story that new MacBooks will be unveiled in September. For example, new MacBook Pro products were not released in 2016 at the same times as iPhone 7.

In a few short months, there will be a big MacBook Air 2018 show. Naturally Apple could amaze us and take off the packaging of a cheap macro notebook computer tomorrows afternoons.

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