Cabin Air

cab air

Purchase cabin air filters for your vehicle and pick them up at the store - buy them, find a store near you and get directions. Indoor air filters do more to increase your driving comfort than they can handle, and regular replacement is always a good idea. K&N washable cabin air filter. Substitute the cabin filter of your vehicle with a washable/reusable one.

Purify and refresh the supplied air.

What is a cabin air filter and when should it be replaced? News & Events

Collects dusts, pollens and other materials carried by the air that can make driving uncomfortable, especially if you have an allergy or other airway problem. Advice on when to replace a cabin air cleaner varies by manufacturers - some say every 12,000 or 15,000 mile, others longer - and how often it matters how much and where you use it.

When driving in an area of the city with low air cleanliness and busy driving, you may need to change the cabin air cleaner once a year or more. This could also be the case in a barren environment where a great deal of dirt has to be filtered out. A few indications that you need a new cabin air cleaner are decreased airflow through your air conditioning system, e.g. if you raise the ventilator too high and get more sound than the results.

However, even if you do not have these alerts, you should have the air cleaner inspected at least once a year, and you may be able to do this yourself. There are many cabin air cleaners behind the Glovebox and are readily accessed by removing the Glovebox from its mounting hardware; instruction should be included in your vehicle's owner's guide.

There are other cabin air cleaners under the instrument panel and may not be easily accessible or under the bonnet where air can enter the air conditioning system. When a customer support or workshop advises you to get a new cabin air cleaner, ask for the latest one.

You may be horrified by what you see, how long the air cleaner is in operation: a cleaner blocked with leafs, branches, bugs, pollens, soot and dirt covering virtually the whole area that comes into direct touch with the air flowing in can be a concern for the cabin in your car.

You will know that it is your turn to replace the cabin air filters in your vehicle.

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