Flying Jet suit

A Flying Jet Suit

We present the GRAVITY INDUSTRIES JET SUIT EXPERIENCE. The ''Real-life Iron Man'' starts at the air show, after 340,000 pounds of flying jet suit is on the market. On Saturday, three and a half years after the market introduction of his 340,000 jetsuit in collaboration with the retail outlet company, Selfridges, Richard Browning was in Hampshire to present his creations to an audience of thousand at the Farnborough International Airshow every two years. Early this Week, Browning of Salisbury reported that he had made an executive buy transaction to resell tailor-made Gravity Jet Suits at Selfridges' Oxford Street Retail in London.

This 27 kg suit can travel at 3,658 meters (12,000 feet) in altitude for at least three to four minute and is composed of 3-D print parts. However, purchasers of the suit who want to imitate Marvel's Iron Man hero in the sky are not permitted to buy it immediately after flying it - compulsory instruction is needed.

"There are three day flights practice associated with buying the suit to make sure you are proficient and know how to show it around," says Browning. Former sea king and commodity dealer, he made his suit in just 12 month.

"When I first began the brainstorming, could you rethink the challenges of man flying and put a man in a car, could you just put in the right amount of tech to go flying in a very organic way - you could describe it like Iron Man, but that wasn't the initial premonition - is it possible then?

Since then, his invention has shown off worldwide to millions after participating in 50 air shows in 18 nations and attracting ten thousand supporters to community networks. In addition, he also set a Guinness world record for the highest velocity ever reached in a body-steered jet suit after climbing a slightly more than 51.5kmh sea in Reading. However, he was also able to set a new Guinness world record for the best acceleration in a body-steered jetsuit.

Next up, Browning has already completed shooting Tom Cruise's latest Mission Impossible film and is in discussions with the crew behind James Bond.

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