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Check out traveler reviews and find great flight deals for easyJet. easeJet - Compare & book flights It is common for travellers to check-in online only. By the way, the British airline was also the first airline ever to offer on-line check-in. Navigation sur le site Internet ainsi que les e-mails de rappel font référence à l'enregistrement en ligne. This is possible with easyJet at the earliest 30 days and at the latest two hours before your planned departure and free of charge for all flights.

After checking in online, you will automatically be redirected to print your boarding pass. If you don't have a printer at home, you can also save your boarding pass, send them on and print them out at another location. This is also the case for schedule changes. Even if the departure or arrival time only changes by five minutes, the boarding pass must be printed again.

If you only travel with hand luggage, you can use your printed boarding pass to go directly to the security check at the airport. You can also read more about this on the printed boarding pass. Alternatively, easyJet propose the use of mobile boarding pass. With them you can travel uncomplicated and paperless. By the way, easyJet offre currently the mobile boarding pass service from 110 airports.

Up to three pieces of bagage per person can be recorded in with easeJet online check-in. There is a charge for each piece of baggage. The usual maximum weight for a case with easyJet is 20 kg. Anyone checking in a piece of bagage weighing up to 20 kg online pay by 12 and 25 euros, depending on the route and season.

Booking via le centre d'appels is just as expensive. Those who check in their baggage up to 20 kg at the airport must expect around 30 euros at check-in and 50 euros at the gate. Ainsi, you payez en ligne 4 euros par kilogramme dès que le bagage pèse plus de 20 kg.

At the airport, the excess baggage costs 13 euros per kilogram. There is no weight limit for hand luggage. As long as the hand luggage is not larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm, easyJet guarantees that the bag may be taken on board. On heavily loaded flights, however, it must be expected that hand bag will have to be recorded in and stowed in the hold.

Each passenger may only take one piece of hand luggage into the cabin. You can read more about the baggage regulations at easyJet on the airline's website or in our baggage guide easierJet. Seats peuvent également être réservés pendant ou après la réservation en ligne avec de booking avec easeJet. Seats in the first row cost between 10 and 19 euros, depending on the season and the route.

For a seat with particularly large legroom above the wings, between 10 euros and 19 euros are also due. The reservation of a seat with plenty of legroom or a seat in the first row vous donne également droit à "Speedy Boarding" chez àasyJet. To be one of the first to get on board, the priority checking-in counter may also be used.

The reservation of a normal seat cost up to 6 Euro. In order to be able to offer low air fares, easyJet does not offer free service on board. However, warm and cold drinks, alcoholic drinks as well as snacks and sandwiches can be purchased during the flight. Apart d'un magazine de bord gratuit, il n'y a pas de programmes de divertissement pendant le vol avec la solution à bord d'easyJet.

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