Call Airport Taxi

You can call an airport taxi

Part of our fleet is stationed at MSP Airport and can respond immediately to pick-up orders from both terminals. Just pick up your luggage and call our service from the baggage claim area. ring F: Can you give me a current taxi fare from Athens Airport to Glyfada? Please, would it be possible to prebook taxi services with you to pick up from the airport to the hotels, from the hotels to the exhibitions and back, to deliver from the exhibitions to the airports and from the hotels to the airports?

Hello, me and a boyfriend took a taxi from the airport to Piraeus around 8.30 pm yesterday evening. As we entered, the rider said it would be the counter fee plus 8 Euro. We did believe her, but I do not know whether this is the usual way to put in 8 euro.

Upon arriving at our guesthouse she said that the price was 53 euros - I gave her 55, consisting of a 50 euros bill and a 5, and then she gave me a 10 and a 5 and said to me that the price was 50 and not 15 euros. In the belief that I had erroneously given her a 10 instead of a 50 touch, I then gave her another 50 touch and the 5 back.

Only when I was later in the guesthouse did I realize that I had been cheated and had even given her 50 Euro. Counting my cash, I found that I was actually under 40 Euro. For me this journey should be a true pleasure and 40 Euro is a big sum of cash.

Being cheated out of 40 Euro (and possibly the additional 8 she added to the meter?) made me very ill and I felt as if it had almost wrecked the vacation before it started. She was a blond woman of about 40 years, and of course I can't proof that she robbed me, but I'm so furious and repulsed by her behavior that I had to post to let you know that such a practise will continue.

About ten and a half nights ago we stayed 4-5 nights in Athens on our families holiday. From the airport we were very much taken by the connection to the centre of the town for a good price. Our accommodation was within easy reach on foot. And we were amazed by the 24-hour long coach!

As we left Athens for an early dawn ride (5:15 a.m.), there were busses at 3 and 4 a.m.! Driving this mornin' was very useful because we were later. Returning from Corfu we passed by Athens again and had to stay a few longest.

Well, there was some X96s to go to Glyfada beach. Didn't know we had to show our hand for the shuttle to stop at Glyfada! I' ve been to several places in the whole wide range of the globe and have never seen such a comfortable level of customer care. Some towns pull tourists directly from the airport.

Athens airport shuttle makes the trip to Athens very enjoyable. Ethiopia can be an example of other towns following.

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