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Inexpensive tickets to Europe

Which are the cheapest European cities to fly to? Flights to Europe are cheapest if they are booked for six months. Cheap Flights to Europe There is something for everyone in Europe, from the Pyrenean mountain ranges to Paris, Rome and London. Enjoy an operatic evening in Vienna or Verona or celebrate in some of Europe's best nightclubs on Ibiza. Conveniently log in conveniently on-line, select your seating position and have your flight card printed out 23 hrs before your flight depart.

Now you can book your desired flights with a guaranteed fare - and make your payment 48hrs later. Conveniently log in conveniently on-line, select your seating position and have your boarding card printed out 23 hrs before your scheduled flights. Now you can book your desired flights with a guaranteed fare - and make your payment 48hrs later.

Returns in Business Class inclusive of tax, duty and charge. Since all the information is refreshed on the basis of a day's frequencies, it is possible that the rate displayed may differ from the rates available at the moment of the reservation enquiry due to available places and rates.

Find cheap flight to Europe

Fall and early winters can be the ideal period for a journey to Europe. There is more good news: you can get cheap air travel if you do. Here you will find 8 simple hints for your flight to Europe in low seasons. Naturally, the place of travel influences your fares, so select a place with better offers.

"Some of the lowest cost towns may differ according to where you are flying from, but we have seen some great offers this year to Copenhagen, Dublin, London and Paris," says Rick Seaney, chief executive. Price comparison found sightseeing flights from New York to Copenhagen for 320 $ and from New York to London for 354 $.

A recent kayak survey also showed that routes to North and West Europe currently offer the most competitively priced routes. Island (Reykjavik Airport) and Dublin are the top pick of the tour operator for the best value destination in Europe. Generally, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Denver and Washington, D.C. are the most convenient airports for flying to Europe, as these towns are hub airports for many airlines.

Certain carriers have better offers than others. Norway Air, the British Condor, the Islandic airline Wow Air, the French XL Air and the Latvian Primera Air have some of the cheapest cross Atlantic services. For example, Wow Air recently made a $160 Boston to Amsterdam connection in December. From Newark to Paris, Primera Air sells tickets for only $99.

Whilst cheap carriers are known for charging extra for cheap airline tickets for cheap airline tickets and weak airline tickets, "you can earn serious value with your cheap tickets," says Emily McNutt, associated News editor at The Points Guy. In order to get as cheap as possible across the oceans, it often makes good business to divide the journey into two distinct routes, says Scott Keyes, creator of Scotts' Cheap Functions (

"As soon as you get to Europe, you can hope for a cheap rail or airfare for most places under $100," Keyes states. Often departures to distant places such as natural reserves or Mediterranean archipelagos are more expensive than departures to large towns. Therefore, it is worth planning your journey and planning your route accordingly.

While there are certainly a lot of sites and reservation engines to find offers for air travel, Tarik Allag, creator of, suggests Google Fellowships. It also lets you specify a notification for a trip, and Google will e-mail you when the fare goes up or down.

Following the analysis of more than a year of air travel to Europe from the United States and Canada, the website's predictor found that air travel across the lake on a Wednesday and return home on a Tuesday usually provides travellers with the lowest fares.'s latest review backs this up and states that travellers can earn an estimated $76 on a Wednesday (the best value date to fly) instead of a Sunday (the most expensive).

Would you like a free stop in Iceland on your way to another town? With IcelandAir you have the possibility to add a staying of up to seven days on trips from the USA and Canada to Europe at no extra charge to your initial flight tickets.

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