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To Irene and Camilo and Jens, who made me a great flight offer. Skip to How do you find cheap flights to Iceland? It' never been so easy to fly to Iceland!

Island Airports & Airlines flying to Iceland

It' never been so easy to fly to Iceland! Many airlines offer frequent flights to Iceland. They can find scenic flights to our lovely land from nearly 90 towns around the globe. Situated half way between North America and Europe, Iceland is the ideal place for a short stop on a trans-atlantic itinerary.

Several airlines even provide free stops in Iceland. Below is the estimated length of flights from some larger towns to Iceland. Most travellers travel via Keflavík (KEF), Iceland's biggest foreign destination. Several other small aerodromes such as Efilsstaðir, Akureyri and Reykjavík Domestic are also offering flights internationally.

However, Keflavik International is by far the most visited international destination in Iceland. More than 20 carriers now fly to and from Iceland. You work around the arrival and departure of flights. Domestic airports in Iceland: The AirBaltic is a company belonging to the State of Latvia and is the leading company and flagship of the Republic of Latvia.

However, the following is a list of the airlines that have been given special treatment by the governments for transporting goods internationally. All year round we offer flights to Iceland. The aero ANNIES Award as the biggest European air operator with new itineraries. In 2014 and 2015, the airport was also named the world's most punctual airliner.

We are the biggest company on our roster in terms of aircraft capacity and passenger number. Maybe that's why the airline's flying the Canadian flag. No. Founded by the Star Alliance, Air Canada provides regular and privately chartered flights to over 65 national and 200 global locations.

The Austrian Airlines flagship operator has its headquarters at Vienna International Airport. Austrian Airlines, a Lufthansa affiliate, offers regular flights to over 130 destination in 55 countries in cooperation with Tyrolean Airways and Lauda Air. Of course you can also fly to several inland locations. Airport Vienna.

The United Kingdom's biggest carrier in the UK in terms either of aircraft fleets or of connections to major airports, British Airways is the second biggest carrier after EasyJet in relation to the overall number of passenger carried. Further hub services are offered by the carrier at Gatwick and London City Airport. British Airways operates a network of over 180 airports, six of which are UK-based.

Èeská Lázn? is the Czech Republic's domestic carrier. Regular, charters and freight flights are operated to 66 European, Middle Eastern and Asian cities. It is one of the oldest operational carriers in the U.S. Delta Air Lines, a large U.S. carrier that is very well known in the U.S..

Surely it is the oldest still in the United States active air carrier. It is also one of the biggest global air companies in the number of passenger carried. It is also the biggest aircraft carrier in the group. Together with its local operators, Delta runs a large national and multinational programme serving five major skies, over 300 destinations and more than 50 nationalities.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA EasyJetis, a UK low-cost airlines headquartered at London-Luton Lair. Easy-Jet provides national and trans-national flights with a more than 800 route and 130 destination networks. Easy-Jet serves more than 30 different nationalities and carries more people than any other UK operator. Easy-Jet has almost 20 hub locations throughout Europe.

Finnair, Finland's biggest carrier, is located in Vantaa with the most important Helsinki-Vantaa airport turnstile. The Finnair is the 6th oldest air company in the whole wide range of the globe. More than 130 destination in 40 different nations are served, with the primary markets being Europe, but also Asia, Europe and North America.

Germanywings is a low-cost Cologne, Germany-based Lufthansa Eurowing owning 85 destination airlines with a total of 25 aircrafts. Spain's flag ship is Iberia, which is also the premier air company between Europe and Latin America. Iberia Regional and the low-cost Iberia Express serve nearly 120 cities in 45 European, African, Middle Eastern, North American and Latin American markets.

The Icelandair is the flagship carriers of Iceland. Airlines operate regular flights up to approximately. Iceland's geographic location makes it possible to provide a one-stop shop for transoceanic flights. The Icelandair is serving approximately. Twenty-five European and North American towns. Jet2.com Limited is the UK's 4th biggest regular airliner. Leeds Bradford Airport in England is home to the UK low-cost airlines.

The company flies from eight British hub airports to more than 50 different locations. It also provides contracted charters and freight forwarding as well. The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the Dutch company and part of the Dutch Airlines-KLM group. She is also a member of the SkyTeam alliances.

Established in 1919, it is the oldest aviation company in the globe and still operates under its name. More than 160 locations around the globe are serviced by the KLM Group. Lufthansa is the biggest Lufthansa in Germany. They are also the biggest airlines in Germany. Deutsche Lufthansa and its subsidiary companies are the biggest European airlines, both in passenger numbers and in relation to the aircraft population.

It flies to 18 national and almost 200 cosmopolitan destinations and serves more than 80 1 country in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Deutsche Lufthansa has the second biggest fleets of passengers in the whole word with more than 700 aircrafts. Norway is a low-cost carrier, the biggest in Scandinavia and one of the biggest low-cost carriers in Europe.

Norway Airlines operates flights to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, providing 500 flights to 150 locations in 35 states. Scandinavian Recreational Airlines operates regular and charters flights from Northern Europe to more than 90 major European ports in more than 20 European nations, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Middle East, Asia and Mediterranean regions. The Scandinavian Airlines, often also known as SAS, is the biggest Scandinavian and the eight biggest European airlines.

The SAS is the flags of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and serves more than 280 destinations in Scandinavia, Finland, Europe and Asia. The Thomson Airways Group is a privately owned company providing regular and charters flights from Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. The Thomson Airways service to Island includes Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Belfast International, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh and London.

The majority of regular flights are operated by groups and their travel agents. More than 90 destination Thomson operates in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Transfavia.com is a Netherlands low-cost carrier that is part of the Air France-KLM group and offers regular and charters flights to touristic locations around the globe. More than 100 European, North African and Asian destination are served by our company.

One of the biggest US carriers, United is the third biggest carrier in the globe in sales volume only. Connecticut has a large national and multinational rail infrastructure with an established footprint in Asia Pacific. U.S.A. is a founder member of Star alliance, the world's biggest air carrier with 28 member carriers.

Connecticut Airlines services over 800 global airports. Headquarters: Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Vueling Airlines, S.A. is a Spain-based carrier operating to more than 100 African, Asian and European airports. It is the second biggest carrier in Spain and services all major towns in Spain, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The Wizz Air is a low budget carrier from Hungary flying to many European and Middle Eastern destinations. The company has the biggest fleets of any of Hungary's airlines and operates in over 40 different nationalities. From Vilnius, Gdansk, Warsaw Chopin, Katowice and Budapest we offer flights directly to Island. Wizz Air was voted "Value airline of the year" by Air Transport World in 2016.

WOWair is an Islandic low-cost carriers established in 2011. The WOW offers regular flights to more than 50 cities in Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East. Domestic airlines flying to Iceland in 2018: Greenland is the Greenland flagship carriersirline. Ownership of the company lies with the Greenland and Danish governments and the SAS Group.

Airlines' choppers carry travellers from smaller municipalities to national airports. All in all, Air Greenland operates to 63 inland routes. It is part of the Icelandair Group. We are a vibrant short-haul carrier with strong origins dating back to the beginning of Icelandic air travel. In Iceland Air offers flights to Iceland and the West Norse area.

The company flies regular flights to national targets throughout Iceland. The Faroese air company Atlantic Airways provides local aviation, intercontinental flights and searching and rescuing operations. It also has a global presence in England, Scotland, Iceland and Norway, France, Malta and Spain. The Eagle Air is a local island based company providing inland flights, charters, emergencies and adventures in Iceland.

It is an islandic carrier established in 1974. Norlandair, which is connected to the Air Iceland carrier, has three regular destinations: North Norlandair also offers various charters in Iceland and Greenland, to Spitsbergen and other areas of the Artic.

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