Prix Taxi

Taxi Prix

Use the Uber Tariff Estimator to estimate how much your taxi ride will cost. Taxi rates - CTQ by Holders of taxi contracts must comply with the tariffs set by the Board of Directors, regardless of whether they use a taximeter or not. Please refer to the tariff sticker on the left rear window of the taxi for the current tariffs. The tariffs for the transportation of taxi components are fixed by us.

The first component is the starting price, an amount that is displayed on the taximeter when the customer is served. Once the journey begins, the other two components take effect, either the price per kilometre driven or the price per minutes of waiting. Since 1 June 2018, the components of the taxi tariffs have been as follows:

This time- dependent or distance-dependent pricing means that there is a certain speed with which the taximeter changes from a time-dependent calculation to a distance-dependent calculation or the other way round, this is the transitional speed. Below the transitional speed, the price per minute is recorded.

If the taxi speed exceeds the transitional speed, the kilometre price applies. At the end of the trip, the taximeter displays the sum of the starting price, the cumulative price based on travel and the cumulative price based on waiting time. Transfer velocity is determined by the following formula.

So if the taxi travels at less than 22,286 km/h, the taximeter is in timer fashion and collects $0.65 per min (or a split second). If the taxi speed is equal to or greater than 22.286 km/h, this is the route travelled, which the taximeter takes into account at a rate of $1.75 per kilometre (or a fractions of a kilometre).

The Regulations contain a number of rules on the pricing of taxi transportation companies. This is the Aide-Mémoire on the pricing of taxi transportation companies (441 KB). With a few exceptions, taxi licence holders are obliged to use a taximeter. Licensees using a taximeter, whether mandatory or optional, must comply with the requirements associated with the use of a taximeter.

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