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There are 7 ways to get Last-Minute Broadway Tickets

Placing the best Broadway shows usually involves sound scheduling in advance. What's more, the best Broadway shows can be placed in the best possible location. However, if you need to find last minute Broadway tickets, i.e. tickets for shows on the same date or just a few nights away, you have some very good choices. When everything goes your way, you can even get lucky in cheap Broadway tickets, great places or a shot at chart shows that you could never have joined before.

This is our last-minute Guide for Buyers of Broadway Tickets. Duffy Square's large scarlet stairs on Broadway at 45th Street are the flag ship site of the TDF TKTS Booth, the default venue for reduced daily tickets to Broadway. Except for the greatest Broadway hit songs, they're all there, 50 per cent of the way; if you don't want to see a show, there's a "Play Only" screen that shortens your waiting times.

Best of all, the latest is in the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center (Broadway at 62nd Street ); it's inside so you're protected from rains, frost or heats. Outside Times Square, all places are selling tickets a week earlier. When you don't have the feeling that you are queuing up at TCTS, or when you want to make sure that you can get places for a particular show that you have an eye on, there are other ways to find last minute Broadway tickets for less than the full fare.

TodayTix's convenient application will help you find tickets at reduced prices on the same date as the show (or up to a full day in advance) via your cell phones. Cheap tickets can be bought reliably on-line from; good rebate code can also be found on BroadwayBox and other websites. A lot of shows provide dedicated same-day tickets, which in some cases are the only way to get tickets at a sensible cost for shows that are otherwise out of stock.

Russian tickets for Broadway and Off Broadway shows can be sold for only $20 each. As soon as the theatre is open for inspection on the evening of the show, go to the theatre ticket counter; this means 10 a.m. on most nights and 11 a.m. or midday on Sunday. And if you don't care to be on your toes, you can also try your hand at stand-up tickets.

In order to find out which shows are offering express tickets and lots (see below), read the Playbill manual. Some few production companies, such as Wicked, are offering cheap daily tickets through a personal sweepstakes in which the tickets are pulled at the checkout a few working hours before touring. However, most Broadway shows now run these sweepstakes in digital format, either alone or via the TodayTix application.

Hamilton is offering 46 places per diem for only $10 each; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child draws take place once a week on Friday. Better or not, the practices of purchasing tickets and selling them for profit-once known as scraping, now more polite euphemised than the aftermarket - has become legal over the past decade.

At times these vendors are the only ones with tickets for the most favorite shows because they buy the places early in large quantities. So, if you just need to see a particular show, and cash is not an item, you can see what you can find on Broadway. com, StubHub, VividSeats or even Ticketmaster itself, which sometimes has a section for re-sale.

However, if you review the pages very closely to the shutter speed, sometimes rates drop drastically as the sellers try to prevent a complete loser on tickets they haven't yet made.

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