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With TAXI you bring your music to the right people: I think taxi is also more focused on instrumental music. Taxis is an independent A&R company that connects musicians with labels, publishers and music supervisors.

Help songwriters, artists and songwriters conclude record contracts, publishing contracts and film/TV music licenses.

Promote your music to major and independent record companies, music publishers, film and television music managers, production music libraries, advertising agencies and video game companies. We' ve been developing our relationship since 1992 and our data base looks like a Who's Who of the music industry. To see who needs your music now, click here.

Others share registration fee with those who ask for music from them! Might be wondering if they even need the music they're asking for. Enterprises that are looking for new music..... Tips and resources for songwriters, artists and composers from the music industry. Do you have a question about music licencing, the music industry, your music production and production?

ToAXI - TAXI Hosted Services

"but it'?s never too late to make up for my loss of time." - Richard Scotti, are you getting a deal through TAXI? We help you to advertise your music! "TAXI has stopped me from having a part-time work. Member dues were down from what I earn through TAXI."

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The members shall hand in their music before the closing date for the "Industry Listing" as indicated in Taxi. Every track entered for the sector lists is checked by Taxi's A&R staff, who then decide whether or not the music for what the sector has asked for is the destination and decide to either mail it to the listings firm or mail it back to the writer.

If a member's music is passed on to the listings firm, Taxi does not take part in the monetary transactions or the negotiation of possible business. Quickly reviewing their users' forums shows that the vast bulk of the rankings come from networked, rather than TAXI's own routing of material to business experts.

Taxi's A&R staff consists of professional musicians who are specialists in a particular music area. It is the responsibility of the A&R staff to listen to every single track entered into Taxi and to make the final judgement as to whether the track(s) are exactly what the sector listings require.

Someone A&R who worked for a large labels or a reliable independant one. Someone who has worked for a large publishers or a trustworthy freelance editor. He is a music writer with powerful references. TV or movie music consultant with big credit. Sound recording artist who has references for works of music published and/or listed on a national level.

There is an actor who has already or previously subscribed to a large scale record or credible independence record. An employee, whether present or former, of a large publishers or a trustworthy impartial publishers. Music businesses turn to Taxi to order music from freelance groups, performers, songwriters as well as members of the Taxi family.

Business listings[3] shall contain the nature of the listings firm, the genre(s) solicited, the artist (s) referred to, the date of delivery of the music to be met by Taxi to verify it, and any extra information of relevance provided by Taxi. Unless the member chooses the materials he submits in such a way that they are sent to the listed public, the name of the listed public shall remain secret from the member.

Big recording houses. Important publishing houses. Every given year Taxi reported that 6% of all members get a dealer through their services, but also recognize that the number is distorted because members do not report dealer dealers to Taxi.

5 ] The members have concluded a number of agreements on records, publishers and licences for films and television series. Taxi's most acclaimed performers are Crossfade, who entered into a contract with the Earshot Department of Columbia Records, Erik Hickenlooper, and Jim Funk, who had a #1 hit named "Buy Me a Rose" (recorded by Kenny Rogers) resulting from a publisher's contract,

Mark Crozer, bassist of Jesus and Mary Chain, whose lead work "Broken Out in Love" was purchased by World Wrestling Entertainment as the opening music for the figure Bray Wyatt. Taxi's website has a messaging panel with themes such as "forward", taxi hit, song writing, texts, music store and music technologies.

In May 2008, the TAXI fora had over 5,900 members. Members of Taxim get two passports for the three-day Taxi Rally. Supported by music industry players such as Roland, Korg, and Masterwriter, as well as others such as Apple, Aquafina, and others, the annually held conference is a great opportunity to learn more about the music industry and its many facets.

Established on January 15, 1992 by Michael Laskow in Woodland Hills, California, TAXI was established by the company's founder, Michael Laskow.

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