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Universities shall bear appropriate and necessary costs arising from university-related travel. In general, for journeys over 200 mile, air travel for hire is the most economic and convenient one. Payments by the Universities for air travel shall be subject to authorisation by the competent authorities, shall be made at the cheapest available fare and shall be duly recorded.

The power and liability for authorising travel by staff and visitors to the University lies with the individual in charge of the PTA charge. Travelling costs shall be paid only if all necessary permits, as well as all necessary permits from governments or other promoters, have been obtained before the costs are incurred.

Staff shall not issue travel authorisations or authorise payment of expenses for themselves or for any individual to whom they directly or indirectly relate. Universities pay for air travel in Bus / Economic classes for all national and international travel. International services with a time of eight consecutive hour or more (including connections within the country if there are no stopovers) are eligible for international services in SWISS' business classes.

Others may be approved on the basis of recorded health needs. For other travel categories, advance authorization from the Business Expense Manager in the Travel and Refunds Department is required. In order to apply for a health exemption, please securely e-mail the Business Expense Manager. Passengers are entitled, with appropriate authorisation, to select their travel date and time and their preferred airport of departure and arrival.

Universities pay the cheapest available fares that correspond to the traveler's decisions made according to the following criteria: The refund will be for the lower ticket price. Unlimited or reimbursable flights are generally not the cheapest fares available. However, in exceptional cases where a refunded airfares is lower than the non-refundable airfares, the reimbursable airfares would be eligible.

Charge statements should contain proofs (screenshot of the ticket price comparison) as security document. In the event that a traveller is billed fees in addition to the minimum available fares, the surplus must be debited up to the highest amount of an ineligible spending category and a corresponding unlimited PTA (account) authorised and accepted for use at the university.

In the event that the minimum available fare document is not available for a BCI travel, one third of the costs of an eligible expense category and the remainder two third of an ineligible expense category and an unlimited account/activity will be billed. The University' s Guidelines for International Travel can be found in Guideline 5.4 of the Administrative Guide.

2: Travel expense report and the fare class section on this page. Universities pay certain additional airfares, such as early booking, pre-allocated places, prolonged legs, priority seating, check-in and cabin luggage charges, in-flight catering, and Wi-Fi in-flight services. Refer to Expense Records. If the traveller uses an alternative means of transport or breaks a straight way for purposes other than those of the university, the air fare shall be paid either at the lower of the real fee or the fee which would have been payable had he travelled the straight way using the most economically efficient means.

A screenshot of the available fare at the moment of reservation of the ticket (e.g. the screenshots of an on-line searching engine) must document the fee that would have been the minimum available fare for a non-stop connection.

In the event that a change of tickets is required and a fine is imposed, the traveller may demand that the university pay the fine. If travel must be canceled, travellers are advised to change travel tickets at a later date if possible. Travellers can apply for tickets for later use by applying for an advanced deposit in the expense reporting system.

Travellers are discouraged to change bookings of tickets they do not use. When it is not possible to use the tickets by re-booking, they may still be paid for with appropriate document. You must complete an empty ticketing declaration and submit it in your expenses statement with an expenses statement. Tickets not used should be debited to an unlimited bank transfer agreement (PTA).

Generally, the costs of a partner, relative or other individual who accompanies the traveller are not borne. These costs are to be payed only if the companion has a job at the university and travels to make a substantial donation to the promotion of the university economy. Charges and receipts must be filled in for all travel costs incurred by the university.

The air fare must include a route, bill, ticket and/or receipts (including print-outs of electronically generated copies of these documents) containing evidence of purchase (e.g. a debit card) in the air fare declaration. Evidence of your payments. In a cost accounting run, the document for the fare must be appended to the flight cost item via the system of expenses accounting.

University does not need a receipt for expenses less than $75, but school and department can do so. A screenshot of the available tariffs at the moment of reservation (e.g. the screenshots of an on-line flight price research engine), showing the use of the minimum available tariff in the first case or the minimum available tariff for a non-stop connection in the second case.

University officials or their chairpersons below may empower instructors and staff to fly airplanes for university travel, provided the Risk Management Officer has been approached to make sure appropriate documentation and insurances are in place: Payments shall be made on the basis of real running costs, inclusive of any air fare hire charge or kilometre allowance for personal jets, up to a ceiling not exceeding the minimum available commercially available fare to be paid for the same journey.

A screenshot of the available tariffs at the moment of reservation (e.g. the screenshot of an on-line ticket finder ) must be provided within two working days of the first flight authorisation to document the fee, which would be the minimum fee for a flight.

In the event that the post-trip fare compare is presented as a back-up, the travel and refund inspectors shall charge an on-line compare at the point of going to press and shall make payments according to the lower of their own compare or the compare provided by the traveller/pilot. If you use your own miles, you will not be charged any extra cost for the flights, e.g. binding charges, as these are already calculated in the fare.

Expenses for the use of personal aeroplanes shall indicate the aeroplane model and the number of flying lessons. Where two or more persons travel together on a privately owned aeroplane in the context of university operations, the ceiling to be paid shall be calculated as the result of the highest available fare for a particular passenger multiplied by the number of passengers, the refund being paid only to the pilots.

There are no exemptions from the University's air travel policy that are intended to ensure adherence to all statutory and regulatory standards. Every application for exemption due to exceptional circumstance must be accepted by the Probst before the trip.

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